I didn’t know they had a sense of humor

Maybe we can work something out with the Iranians after all:

Iran says it will send the U.S. government a toy model of the CIA drone the Islamic Republic captured last month. The announcement, made via state media, comes in response to the White House’s request for the return of the unmanned aircraft.

The U.S. drone, a RQ-170 Sentinel dubbed “the Beast of Kandahar,” is one of the most technologically advanced surveillance crafts in the world. The toy model, the Associated Press reports, will be 1/80 the size and retail for the equivalent of $4 in Iranian toy stores.

There’s still no conclusive explanation for how the drone got into Iranian hands in the first place. As the Slatest has previously noted, the U.S. and Iran have offered conflicting versions of pretty much every detail of the story. Iran claims to have noticed the drone in their airspace and then hacked it down electronically. The U.S. says it malfunctioned, but they’re not exactly sure how.

Where there is a sense of humor, there’s a chance for common sense — right? I thought it was quintessentially American, something we had a patent on, when Gen. McAuliffe answered a German demand for surrender by saying “Nuts.”

But this is like a page from our own book. So maybe we’re not so different…

4 thoughts on “I didn’t know they had a sense of humor

  1. bud

    So maybe we’re not so different

    Duh. You’re just now figuring this out. I guess if you consider people over their as “targets” or children “colateral damage” they can easily be viewed as different. Maybe there’s hope for Brad yet.

  2. Steven Davis

    I’m beginning to wonder if this “capture” wasn’t planned ahead of time. It reminds me of when we bombed Iraq during Desert Storm… it’s interesting how all those SmartBombs all targeted the photocopiers in those office buildings. I guess Iraqi copier repairmen didn’t notice the extra parts in those units.

  3. Doug Ross

    This gets to the crux of the Ron Paul argument – we expect other countries to do what we say because we are America but would never accept any instruction from other countries because we are America. Our intentions are always pure, our track record is crystal clean, and our desire is only to help people to be just like us. Why would any other country not accept our benevolence?

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