Is it possible that Perry has dumbed his message down even MORE, just for li’l ol’ SC?

OK, so Rick Perry, who was not just on the ropes, but collapsed in his corner — his corner man’s arm cocked back ready to chuck the towel into the ring — before deciding to make one last comeback in South Carolina, has come up with a TV ad just for us.

Everything’s riding on this, mind you…

And here it is, in its entirety:

“Values” Script:

Gov. Perry: “As the son of tenant farmers from the West Texas town of Paint Creek, I learned the values of hard work, faith and family.

“I took those values with me when I served our country as a pilot in the Air Force. I returned home to farm and ranch with my father and married my high school sweetheart. The values I learned served me well as Governor of Texas, and will continue to guide me as President.

“I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message.”

Or, to be even briefer, Ah’m a regler feller, vote fer me.

Yep. The guy who has lowered trite saynothingism to the crudest of art forms, who has spent a fortune boring us in Iowa, has dumbed it down even more. Just for us.

Do you feel insulted? I feel insulted. I feel more insulted than I’ve felt since “Tinker, Tailor” didn’t come to Columbia as a mainstream commercial release (although I do hope to get to Nickelodeon this weekend).

Come, on Rick — show me there’s something there! Give me something to agree with, or disagree with. I mean, really — do you think South Carolinians are so dumb that they haven’t even absorbed the fact that you’re running as a good ol’ Southern boy?

Time’s a wastin’, boy. If you’ve got something to tell us, tell us. Otherwise, run along on home.

13 thoughts on “Is it possible that Perry has dumbed his message down even MORE, just for li’l ol’ SC?

  1. Karen McLeod

    Is it possible that Perry has no message other than “See, I can look like whatever you want me to look like”? He embarrassed himself every time he tried to talk about issues, so he stopped talking about them. You have to admit, there’s precious little for an opponent to attack in these ads (other than their vapidity).

  2. Phillip

    Check out the wink at about the :06 mark, right after the word “faith.” All Perry is really accomplishing by staying in the SC race is to split the anti-Romney vote and likely to hand the primary to Romney, even if Mitt gets no more than about 27% or so of the vote here.

  3. Doug Ross

    Yeah, he should produce a commercial showing him droppin’ his kids off at school, huntin’ with his boys, and sayin’ grace around the dinner table. That’s what got Vince Sheheen elected.

  4. `Kathryn Fenner

    In case you haven’t read your email, Perry cancelled his Monday appearance before Columbia Rotary. Wonder what that means….

  5. bud

    I guess this is an indirect swipe at Romney and his upbringing as a rich, spoiled kid who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. If that’s the case he needed to be a little less subtle. At this point what does he have to lose.

  6. Doug Ross


    Yeah, Perry made his millions the old fashioned way – he stole it.

    You need to stop hating people for being successful in business.

  7. Ralph Hightower

    Perry dumbed down his message for South Carolina?

    How is that possible?

    Okay, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. I reckon that Perry has already reached the peak of his intelligence, which is very much, the only thing left is to lower his standards.

  8. bud

    Doug, I don’t hate anybody but Willard Romney was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple. Listen to his condescending speaches and just see how totally how out of touch he is with working folks. I probably disagree with every single policy proposal of Rick Santorum but I have much more respect for him than Romney. Romney just comes across as a rich kid with no core convictions who just wants to be president for the sake of being president. I guess you could be poor and have the same desire but you wouldn’t have the means to get anywhere.

  9. `Kathryn Fenner

    Thing is, this text is almost identical, mutatis mutandis, with the script for the Mrs. Perry (anti-Gingrich) ad.

    Sell what you got. Ain’t much, but….

  10. borikenlibre

    There was a reason Gov. Perry refused to engage Mayor Bill White in debates during the last gubernatorial race in Texas – and now we all know why.

  11. Carolynr

    South Carolinians…..What is going on with you. I live in your neighboring state and I read that your governor, who was a tea party candidate endorsed a man that is not even Conservative. How do you expect to turn this country around if you nominate a man who is a mirror image of Obama? Look at the man’s record. Forget the rhetoric…look at the record.

    Did any of you who voted for Obama feel betrayed when you found out that America was not his number one agenda? Or were you, like me, one who went to the polls holding my nose while I pulled the lever in favor of McCain? If you are either of those two people, let me tell you what I did this time around. I investigated the candidates. I looked at government records, I asked people who lived in states where they had governed, I listened very carefully to the candidates. Were they playing to the crowd, saying what they wanted to hear, not what they believed. Who was I going to vote for. Here is what I found out…not through the punditry…but through statistics…facts, record. I blog on the major papers…I listened to what the people had to say. Some were nuts, some gave information not given by the media. So, here is what I believe and some of what I know.

    Willard Mitt Romney. Your governor’s endorsee. He is a very wealthy man. I don’t have a problem with that, however with the class warfare that Obama has been playing since he began campaigning, many people do. He was a hedge fund manager and he also ran Bain Capital, a company that bought other companies and either dissolved them for the good of the shareholders or turned them into successes. The one identifiable to you is Staples. Romney also turned around the Olympics wherein it became a positive rather than a negative. His political career is not that impressive. His home state of Michigan, of which he rarely speaks, is in terrible shape. He moved and ran to the left of Senator Ted Kennedy. That would make him a Progressive (in other words, the same as Obama). He lost. He also held positions/agendas prior to that run and changed them to win. Judgment: Inconsistent. He ran for Governor of MA. He won. He took positions that were again opposite that of his earlier life. Long story short, the man changes his mind to fit the occasion and today…we can’t afford it. Is he pro-gay…well, he appointed judges that are. Is he pro-life…he has changed his mind, but again funded planned parenthood TWO YEARS after he claims to be pro-life. What was his “signature” legislation, Romneycare, the basis for this God awful Obamacare…yes. My Vote For Romney: No…not under any circumstances.

    Ron Paul. Well, there is an odd duck. He believes in the Constitution, as do I, however I believe that Congressman Paul wants it in the form it was originally written without amendments. I do not like his stance on foreign affairs. He talks over the heads of most people concerning “bubbles”, the Fed and economics in general. My Vote For Paul: No

    Jon Huntsman. Now this is an interesting governor with a very impressive plan and a very impressive record. He also understands world affairs better than anyone on the ballot, even Newt. However, the man painted himself as a moderate, when in fact he is Conservative with the exception of a question on global warming. Mr. Vote For Huntsman: Yes, if it will defeat Obama.

    Newt Gingrich. This is a very learned, impressive man. I will forget what the punditry says and go with what I have listened to over the years. He has accomplished many good things. However, Newt scares me because of his seeming scattered direction. He, at times, seems to contradict his own credentials. I believe he holds basic Conservative ideals with a “liberal” flair. He has many ideas and I believe many can pull us out of this morass. I am not interested in his former infidelities…but hope that he will not be a Washington insider. My Vote For Gingrich: Yes, if it will defeat Obama.

    Rick Santorum. I admire his social Conservative credentials…but when it comes to fiscal Conservatism…he is in the same boat as President George W. Bush. He calls himself a compassionate conservative and that is what got us started on the road to economic decline. Bush didn’t not how to veto…and I might add for political gain and I believe Santorum is cast out of the same mold. One of my pet peeves is using God/religion/spirituality to sway a vote while a person has their hands in my pocket for more taxes. Here are some things to consider. The mortgage he received from his Bank was run by his donors. They also contributed to his PAC. Does this sound like shades of Countrywide/Chris Dodd. One of his top donors received an $8 million dollar earmark and violated Senate gift rules and Santorum got a slap on the wrist. However, this was the one. Santorum started a charity. Oh what a message that sends. what a good guy…right? It was called Operation Good Neighbor and it was put in place to illustrate his compassionate conservatism. It was too bad that it was run by lobbyists with business considerations worth millions that was before the Senate. Federal funds went to a real estate developer who backed his charity. Can you say pay for play. This is very similar to the actions of another compassionate conservative….GWB. My Vote for Santorum: No

    Rick Perry. He is the person with the record. Before I go into some of it. Let me tell you…because Governor Perry didn’t. He had back surgery just prior to announcing his candidacy in your State. His spine was fused. This accounts for his not so stellar debate performance, he was in pain. His back is on the mend and he is doing much better. Why do I like Perry? He’s Conservative. He’s pro-life, pro-gun, strong defense, great tax plan (this is really a winner), has a solution for SS. Folks…if we don’t fix this…we’re not going to have any…very soon. He has a solution for younger people..wherein the $$$ are in their names…government can’t steal it. He will seal the border. He’s a state’s rights person…and he believes in God and isn’t afraid to say so. I have a daughter that lives in Texas…so I visit. When I was there over Christmas…the place boomed from the last visit. There’s a population explosion going on there. People are moving to Texas, doctors are moving to Texas because of tort reform, houses are being built, businesses are moving in…and these aren’t just low end jobs. It’s a right to work state. Perry delivered a balanced budget, cut government waste and gave them a surplus. TX is responsible for 63% of Obama’s job creation. Perry gave the people voter integrity with Voter ID Cards. Perry lowered energy costs. Perry defunded Planned Parenthood, passed stronger eminent domain laws. Perry helped with law enforcement, with reforms to the judicial system, he abolished sanctuary cities and TX is funding the border security…a FEDERAL obligation. He was there for his people during hurricane, droughts, fires and floods. Do you remember Obama shunning Tennessee when the tornadoes and floods came through that state because they didn’t vote for him…I do….They’re a neighbor or mine also. Perry served in our military and the best part…Perry knows what it is like to be poor, middle class…and semi-rich. So, he shouldn’t be out of touch with anyone. He’s a commander in chief of his national guard serving overseas…and Texas is the 13th largest economy in the world.
    My Vote for Perry….Yes…oh God Yes…please give us our country back.

  12. bud

    Carolynr, interesting take on Perry. I don’t agree with you that Perry would be a good president. Given the high poverty rate and high number of uninsured the so-called Texas “miracle” is really nothing of the kind. However, you do make an interesting case for Perry as the true conservative. Not sure the back surgery excuse really works though. Perry has done very poorly in the debates not because of pain but simply because he’s not in command of the facts. And that is probably why he’s finished as a serious candidate.


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