Live-blogging the Charleston debate

The stakes are huge, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich running neck-and-neck in the polls.

Let’s see what happens with the Final Four…

100 thoughts on “Live-blogging the Charleston debate

  1. Brad

    “Oh say kahn you see?” I don’t think I like this highly affected rendition of the National Anthem. Sorry, Citadel cadets…

  2. Brad

    Astounding! Both Romney and Paul, after milking this by noting how long they’ve been married, join Mitt in pretending this isn’t a legit character issue. Wow.

  3. Brad

    Mark, you’re right. But the Spiro Agnew routine we got from Newt was ridiculous. Can you say “nattering nabobs?” And the crowd roars…

  4. Mark Stewart

    Saving GM actually looks like a smart move by Obama’s advisors. Not sure why pick on that.

  5. Brad

    Does Santorum actually believe that Obama’s aim is to make Americans more dependent? Really? Not sure the crowd does…

  6. Mark Stewart

    Too bad the candidates laud the Veterans Administration but despise Obamacare. Not saying don’t do more for veterans, just amazed at the choice of models.

  7. Brad

    If Romney wins Saturday, does that mean we won’t have to hear this hyperpartisan Democrats-are-the-devil stuff any more?

  8. Brad

    Santorum: The most important issue facing the nation is “the robbing of our freedom” under Obamacare. Well, we know HE has no sense of proportion…

  9. Brad

    That was the first time, just now, that the crowd cheered an attack on someone else on the stage, instead of on Obama…

  10. Mark Stewart

    Santorum forgets people want to live in Massachusetts, and they have the jobs and incomes to prove it.

  11. Brad

    Yeah, Mark, they’ve gotten better at debating multiple opponents on TV. Too bad that’s not a requirement of the job.

  12. Brad

    One problem with live-blogging, especially when you’re watching it on the computer, is that you don’t SEE them. Hope I’m not missing too much.

  13. Brad

    Good point, Newt! “If there’s anything in there that will cause us to lose the election,” we should know before the nomination. Yup.

  14. Brad

    All this self-aggrandizement… I think we should go back to the 19th century model, when candidates didn’t personally campaign…

  15. Brad

    Do you suppose he chooses April because it’s too late to hurt him in primaries, but early enough to be forgotten by November?

  16. Brad

    I keep appreciating Santorum. He’s the guy most likely to say, “Wait a minute, there IS a problem here we should address…”

  17. Mark Stewart

    Santorum did beat them all there. And what was Paul saying – he is a coalition builder? Say what?

  18. Brad

    I thought about going to Charleston for this, but dreaded going all that way and getting stuck in a press room with wi-fi problems, unable to blog. That happened to me once this week already. It bites…

  19. Brad

    Really? Romney’s running for the GOP nomination, and wished he had talked more about Obama? That’s what he always does, when he can get away with it…

  20. SusanG

    Oh – I didn’t like his response. I thought it sounds like someone who’s lost — I think it was the “I just feel lucky to be in the final four” part.

  21. Mark Stewart

    Disagree. People want a larger than life President who can maintain the facade of leadership. Aw shucks is for congressmen.

  22. Brad

    Oh, you’re right, Mark… The last couple of weeks, I keep thinking I like Santorum more than the others. But I can’t picture him as president.

  23. Mark Stewart

    Nobody but a psychopath is anti-life. This is such a downer. At least Paul isn’t completely out of touch. He’s just wrong.

  24. Brad

    Doug, maybe you wouldn’t put it the way I did, but haven’t you said you want to bring the troops home from all over the world, and reinforce the border? Do I malign you, or Paul, by saying that?

  25. Brad

    I said, “scary Mexican.” Is it racist to say, “scary Nazis.” I think they were scary. Unlike many of my friends, I don’t see the Mexican influx as a big threat. Nothing about racism in that…

  26. Brad

    Dang it! My wife says he finished well, too. I missed it because I was too busy arguing with Doug. I spend a lot of time doing that. Dang…

    What did he say?

  27. doug ross

    Your comment is a lie from start to finish. The “only” reason Paul wants the army to exist? You know that is untrue. He never said anything about Mexicans. To imply he is afraid of Mexicans is you projecting your desire to paint people who want to enforce laws as racists. Even Lindsey Graham learner that was a dumb strategy.

  28. Brad

    Hmmm. He was talking about the Rio Grande. Specifically. Near as I recall, that is NOT the border with Canada.

    But Doug, I just hate it that you and I get into these snits. This morning I was bugged that you were representing me. Now you’re upset because you say I’m misrepresenting Paul. I regret that. I hate that we have such acrimonious arguments. You’re a good guy, and I hate that that happens…

  29. Scout

    You definitely miss something if you can’t see their facial expressions. It was interesting to see Newt looking smug and disgusted and Santorum looking righteously indignant as they took each other’s responses apart.

  30. john boudreaux

    I thought Santorum did score with a strong closing statement. Romney was on the defence a goodly part of the night but a terrible answer on tax returns. Newt was an expectantly over dramatic…probably has strong chance on Saturday if most voters are men….but I think he can kiss the women vote good by. Paul a well rounded conservative is probably UN electable because of age. in our generational demographic. How do you project a Saturday winner and whoever he is can he win going forward ??

  31. Steve Gordy

    Is it a requirement that GOP hopefuls diss their parents to show how tough or capable they are? I still wince at W’s talk of “a higher father” before he launched the Iraq War. Now Mitt says he’s a self-made man. Didn’t George Romney have something to do with that?

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