Live-blogging the Myrtle Beach debate

Or perhaps I should say, live-commenting. I’m watching it here, since I don’t get that channel on TV.

And here’s my first comment — I thought Romney did a good job of deflecting criticism of his Bain record, early on there. What did you think?

77 thoughts on “Live-blogging the Myrtle Beach debate

  1. Brad

    Rick Perry shouldn’t have said the federal government was at war with SC. Hey, when SC is at war with the US, you’ll know it. Believe me.

  2. Brad

    “No,” says Gingrich, he doesn’t see how his comments might demean blacks. The crowd roars. Race relations in the US just got set back a mile and a half.

  3. Sean Johnson

    Newt is doing very, very well. So is Perry and so is Romney. Santorum has done well but I don’t think he’s done nearly as well as the other three mentioned.

    Newt put it back on Jaun but then Jaum is a significant lightweight in the first place. The audience sure reacted to Jaun’s questions, too.

  4. Sean Johnson

    One of the things they will not touch, and Jaun’s editorial today avoids altogether, deals with single family homes, births out of wedlock and the percentage attributable to the minorities. Sure, there is a lot of that in the white community but it is in epidemic proportions in the minority segments.

  5. Sean Johnson

    He obviously read Congressman Allen West’s comments about those marines today. What they did was wrong. But our “outrage” is outsized. Let’s get outraged over Danny Pearl, decapitating others and hanging burned bodies over bridges. That is a real outrage.

  6. SusanG

    That’s what I get for referencing a movie I never saw — Now I have to go look up the rules of Fight Club and see what I forgot.

    Yeah, Perry, cut regulations of the housing market as a response to the crisis. Clueless.

  7. Sean Johnson

    Newt should stay on a stage such as this rather than run around on his own. He clearly is comfortable in this environment and obviously a good bit more sane! I would like to explore the Social Security plan he put forth.

  8. Sean Johnson

    They may be riding the wave but I do like Brett Baier’s demeanor. He’s apparently having a good time. Jaun is a real lightweight with that group and it shows.

    I recommend bringing back the bell or perhaps one of those air horns the obnoxious fans use at ballgames.

  9. doug ross

    I hope Paul does well enough to shame all those people who cheer killing. These are evangelical Christians? Shameful.

    Was great to see the post debate twitter stats on Fox showing Paul blew the rest of the field away on all topics when it came to addressing the topics truthfully.
    Also good to hear him state the fact that Paul gets more contributions from military personnel than ALL other candidates plus Obama combined. They know something the neocons and chickenhawks don’t.

  10. doug ross

    I find Gingrich disgusting but agree with him.on one topic: replace social security with a savings account that is owned by an individual.

  11. Brad

    Thanks, y’all…

    Last call on comments… I’m going to go get ready for bed, then come back one more time to see if there are more comments to approve…

    Last call…

  12. SusanG

    Mine, either, Brad.

    I agree with that, Teresa.

    I would have liked to see one of them call the crowd down on that nonsense. That was disappointing.

  13. doug ross

    Most telling moment for me? The crowd hoping Paul’s mentioning the Golden Rule. What a bunch of pious hypocrites.

  14. Steven Davis

    So this was on tonight, guess I missed it. That’s what they get for trying to compete with American Pickers and Pawn Stars.

  15. Bryan Caskey

    If Rick Perry had performed in the first and second debates as he did tonight, he would probably be neck and neck with Romney.

    Ron Paul goes off the rails when the discussion goes beyond the water’s edge, but he’s right about a great many things domestically. He’s dead right that the gun liability law should be within the exclusive purview of the states.

    Newt Gingrich dropped M-80s all over the place, and the crowd loved it. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

    Romney will win the SC primary.

    That is all.

  16. bud

    Couldn’t stomach watching the whole debate but did find some of the comments revealing. Romney fell flat in his response concerning his tax returns. He tried to come across as though this is no big deal but given his wealth it’s important for those of us who actually struggle for a living to know just how much this rich elitist pays in taxes.

    As for Ron Paul, seriously not sure what Doug and the other disciples see in him. He continues with the same tired, discredited rhetoric over and over again. And what’s with that silly comment about building more military bases in the U.S.? Come on Ron. You know good and well that Libertarian philosophy is geared toward reducing military personnel everywhere, not just overseas. Not a good answer.

    Overall Romney had a pretty mediocre night but it wasn’t a disaster. Probably changes little.

  17. bud

    I agree with everyone who found the crowd disrespectful. Maybe we should hold these debates in a smaller venue with few if any people in attendance.

  18. David

    Rick Santorum defended voting rights for felons and spoke against indefinitely detaining American citizens who have been accused of being enemy combatants.

    For that I must cede to him a little bit of respect. Was there anything else positive to take out of that at all? I agree with Doug that the crowd was pretty repulsive.

  19. Sean Johnson

    regarding the end of show Twitters – thought it was really irresponsible reporting. Paul will have the younger followers and that segment will spend its life on Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s not a factual report or reflection.

    Personally, Paul said some interesting things but he still comes off as a kook and he will not be able to shake it.

  20. Doug Ross


    So explain why more military personnel support Paul… more than all the other candidates plus Obama combined?

    Libertarians are for national defense, not nation building. We have more weaponry to address any actual threat to our nation than all the other countries combined. We don’t need boots on the ground around the world when we have bombs that can reach any spot on earth in an hour. All our military might couldn’t prevent 20 fanatics with box cutters from taking down the Twin Towers. You think all our troops can stop terrorism around the world in every tiny corner?

    It’s all about spending tax dollars on well connected defense contractors. If there isn’t an enemy (real or created), the money dries up… Peace is not profitable.

  21. Mark Stewart

    Once again South Carolina was it’s own worst enemy.

    The next time there is a GOP primary debate in the state, it should be held in a TV studio. Nice work everyone; as Doug mentioned, booing the golden rule may be an all time low for audience behavior. Rupert Murdoch may have been pleased, however.

    So much for civility. Thoughtfulness has long since fled.

  22. bud

    Doug, I agree with Paul on military issues. What I’m critical of is his idiotic response during the debate. Ron Paul has consistently favored big reductions in the size of our armed forces. Why not just say that instead of pandering to the GOP audience? Paul usually doesn’t do that. It was not his finest hour.

  23. Lynn T

    I want to hear a debate in which all the candidates are required to address how the findings in the recent American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on Early Childhood Adversity should affect public policy. I am not holding my breath.

  24. Doug Ross


    If you listened to what Paul said, he said that he would cut overseas defense spending – like the $1 billion spent on an embassy in Iraq which is considered part of the defense budget. Imagine bringing all those dollars home to the U.S. and into our economy. Paul wants a strong military but one that does not pursue wars around the globe against small bands of terrorists.

  25. Doug Ross

    The dumbest part of the debate is when the moderator asked what the highest tax rate the candidates would support.

    Do they understand that the President has no power to implement any tax code? All these tax plans that candidates propose are a waste of time. None of them will ever see the light of day until Congress see massive turnover.

  26. Scout

    Well what I learned is that Romney is the only one I could maybe ever vote for, though I’m haunted by what I heard Paul Krugman say about that on Sunday when I consider it. Newt and Santorum and the crowd rubbed me the wrong way with their condescending rascist classist remarks and crass responses. Paul seems honest and respectable as a human being and has some pockets of sanity but just doesn’t work in the real world as the whole package for me. I’d like Santorum to address how the impacts of being raised in the culture of poverty would affect the likeliehood that one would be employed, married, or able to graduate high school. The roots of these problems are far more complex than he chooses to believe. Don’t guess he understands the concept of correlation vs. Causation. Man, Huntsman, why couldn’t you just have stayed in until Sunday.


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