OK, now, THIS really goes over the top

I told you that last post wasn’t about Nikki Haley. Well, this one is. Or rather, about the national media and Nikki.

I was almost done with the previous post before I clicked on the link from HuffPost to the Marie Claire piece to which it refers…

… and found myself confronted by what may be the most swooning, fawning coverage of Nikki Haley I’ve seen from national media yet.

Or at least in a while.


I take it this breathless approach is sort of the style of this mag, but still… I, for one, am taken aback.

11 thoughts on “OK, now, THIS really goes over the top

  1. Karen McLeod

    Portugal or New Zealand? Portugal or New Zealand?–oops, just trying to figure out an escape plan in case Ms. Haley becomes President.

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    Her role models include Martina Navratilova and Joan Jett. In what way, I wonder? A lesbian tennis star and a rocker…just what I think of when I think “Nikki Haley.”

    Like “transparency,” “role model” doesn’t mean what she thinks it does.

  3. Rose

    Also, she says it’s a Southern thing to say “little boy or little girl” and this it’s not demeaning.

    Bless her heart, that dog don’t hunt. She’s a first generation South Carolinian. That doesn’t make her Southern.

  4. Kathleen

    Karen – I’ll join you in New Zealand; they speak English and make wonderful sauvignon blanc. But of course our exit strategy won’t be necessary because the rest of the country is SOO much smarter than we.

  5. Lynn

    In this day of celebrity role models a new only in America fairy tale is launched: Once upon a time was a princess wanna be, born in a log cabin in Bamberg, SC she was a poor first generation Indian American little brown girl (oops white girl according to voter registration). Her fairy Sikh godmother granted her three wishes… so she worked hard as a cashier at the family business selling over priced knock off designer clothing made in Indian sweat shops, learning the value of the dollar and the art of illusion and how to dress well. She learned to stay on message. She learned to trust no one but campaign staff. She lucked into ruling over the Kingdom of South Carolina where she mastered the phrase “off with their heads.” But alas she used up her three wishes on false hopes of national fame and fortune and awoke one day to return to the log cabin in Bamberg. [Where she can see Alaska from her back porch!]

  6. Steven Davis

    Karen and Kathleen, is this a serious threat or an Alec Baldwin/Barbara Streisand type of threat?

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