Welcome, Palmetto Public Record

It’s a new year, and time to spruce up my blogroll, tossing out any who haven’t posted in ages.

And I’ll be adding one, “Palmetto Public Record,” which has chosen an interesting time to launch.

It apparently is the work of one Logan Smith, who describes himself thusly:

Palmetto Public Record founding editor Logan Smith has been covering South Carolina politics for over half a decade as a reporter and online producer for WIS-TV in Columbia. A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Electronic Journalism, Logan also reported on the State House for the School of Journalism’s Carolina News program. When Logan isn’t glued to a computer screen or wandering around the Capitol complex, you can usually find him running or cycling on the streets of Columbia.

Sounds like a member of Boyd Brown’s generation. A major in “Electronic Journalism?” Do tell. When I started out, we were still using Linotype machines.

Here’s hoping Logan is made as welcome as I was by the nascent SC blogging community, back when I started in 2005.

I haven’t seen any ads on his site yet, so I can with an unconflicted mind offer him the same blessing as the Godfather did Sollozzo: “I know you’ll do very well; and good luck to you… as your interests don’t conflict with my interests.”

11 thoughts on “Welcome, Palmetto Public Record

  1. Brad

    I’m sad that one of the blogs that will be coming down is Bob Ford’s “Call the Cops.” Bob passed away during the past year…

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    When you started out, Brad, transistor radios were state-of-the-art electronics, no?

    For just a couple of years after I started out, securities prospectuses and reports were done in hot lead type–the big advantage was that you only had to proof the changed lines and slug down the rest to make sure you didn’t miss any changes. When the change to computer type-setting came, we had to proof the whole thing each time. It took two lawyers to do this–I believe for malpractice insurance reasons, but at any rate, it was billable and kind of fun, relative to the rest of the work I did.

  3. Kevin

    “has been covering South Carolina politics for over half a decade”

    I’ve never heard five years put like that. Is “half a decade” supposed to sound like a long time?

  4. Brad

    I had the same thought. That “half a decade” made me smile.

    I think I’ll put a tagline on my blog saying “Covering SC Politics for More than a Fortnight.”

    Sorry, Logan. The only consolation we old folks get out of being old is the license to make fun of the young…

  5. Mike's America

    There are far too few SC political blogs. Even if the newcomer is only 5 years old, that’s not bad. Even though I’ve been here for 15 years I’ve only blogged about half that time.

    Of course I did have some experience in politics prior to that going back to the Reagan White House and before that in Ohio…

    There’s always room for more!

  6. Steven Davis

    Just for those keeping track, I believe I’ve been on Brad’s blog for nearly a quarter of a decade.

  7. Palmetto Public Record

    Thanks for the welcome, Brad! Electronic journalism is basically just another name for broadcast journalism — taking into consideration the increasing focus on web-based journalism and how it differs from the newspaper and TV formats. As Kathryn put it, sell what you got!

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