What IS going on today, indeed?

Wesley Donehue, who yesterday was as harried as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, seemed to have suddenly downshifted this morning, Tweeting at 8:35 a.m.:

So, what’s going today?

As it happened, I was wondering the same thing myself.

Wesley, you see, is working with the Michele Bachmann campaign, at least for the moment.

Rep. Bachmann has scheduled a press conference in Des Moines for 11 our time, and speculation is that she will drop out of the race — seeing as how Iowa was a place where she really needed to do well (remember the hometown bit?), and she came in 6th. A distant 6th, with only 5 percent of the vote.

She’s already cancelled a planned trip to SC, which I was asking Wesley about yesterday.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry is also reassessing. And the tone in which he said so pretty much said “loser,” precluding his proceeding onward with any of the necessary fire that his campaign has not had since, what, August?

Anyway, I wish the best to Wesley, whatever happens next.

12 thoughts on “What IS going on today, indeed?

  1. bud

    It may be premature but I read in Nate Silver’s column that Perry had already suspended his campaign.

  2. Brad

    Of course, Tim Kelly — y’all remember Tim, who first blogged at Crack the Bell, then at Indigo Journal — reacted this way this morning:

    “If Perry and Bachmann drop out, new ABC debate tagline: ‘The GOP primaries – now with 50% less crazy!'”

    Those wacky, irrepressible Democrats…

  3. Brad

    She said her reason for running was the Obamacare “endangered the very survival of the United States of America,” which tells us that we’re better off without her in the race…

  4. Brad

    She didn’t get to be president, but she did get to say, “God bless you, and God bless the United States of America…”

  5. Brad

    An adviser to Michele Bachmann confirms to AP that she’s quitting; still waiting for her to appear on the live feed. At 18 minutes past the appointed hour, someone said she’s still several minutes away…

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