All work and no play make Brad a dull boy. Which he is not, as amply demonstrated by Exhibit B

Here I am with the birthday girls in Hilton Head. Or is it “on” Hilton Head, or “at”? I don’t know. First time I’ve ever been here.

In any case, this is by way of full disclosure. It was not all work at the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Inititiative graduate weekend in that locale.

Here I am with Clare Folio Morris of the Clare Morris Agency and Susan DeVenny of First Steps. You see another picture of us on the previous post, with Clare and Susan looking deadly serious and me seeming to Tweet every word they’re saying. Well. Choosing photos for publication is an art, you know. You can show what you want.

Alert photographer Jim Hammond captured both moods well.

Here, I’m joining the ladies in celebrating their birthday this weekend. They’re both 30 or something.

This was at an awesome barbecue on Saturday night, with pulled pork from Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Hemingway and from Henry’s Smokehouse in Greenville as well, and lowcountry boil from Conroy’s, and oysters, and other good stuff. I think that’s a Palmetto Charleston Lager in my right hand.

The blog will now return to being serious…

2 thoughts on “All work and no play make Brad a dull boy. Which he is not, as amply demonstrated by Exhibit B

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    Hilton Head Island is an island and one is ON an island. It is also the name of a town, and on is IN a town. I expect the island part was more relevant to your experience, so I’d go with ON.

  2. Brad

    As it happens, I ran into Clare and Susan again last night, and they were STILL celebrating their birthdays. They were at the monthly Chairman’s Reception at the Capital City Club, along with several other ladies, including Paula Harper Bethea, Barbara Rackes (who had also been at the Hilton Head weekend with us), and Amy Love from the Commerce Department.

    Good times…


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