Kara says she’s out for good, may run in Dist. 18

This just came in from Kara Gormley Meador, as a comment on the previous post about her:

Good morning folks. I checked with an attorney who is working on the redistricting suit. It sounds as if I am out of 23 for good. The suit underway is based on race. The attorney told me that gerrymandering is not illegal, unless there is a racial component. It is another sad truth about our elected officials; they can draw the lines in a way that helps keep them in office. Just one more reason I am for term limits for our legislators. I still have some decisions to make, like whether or not to run in District 18. It’s something that I am strongly considering.

If she runs in 18, that would mean opposing Ronnie Cromer. I can’t offer much of a read on her chances. She could have been a real threat to Jake Knotts, I think. Anyone have a read on 18?

And she’s right — the courts have long held that incumbency protection is allowed in redistricting. No, that doesn’t seem right, but that’s what the courts have said.

15 thoughts on “Kara says she’s out for good, may run in Dist. 18

  1. Doug Ross

    You mean the courts that rely on funding approved by the legislature support a system that allows legislators to stay in office? Shocking.

  2. Silence

    If you really want to talk about a racial gerrymander, take a looksie at US House district 6, as proposed. Classic stacking.

  3. `Kathryn Fenner

    FWIW, we have a lot of gerrymandering for racial reasons as well as just incumbent protection.

  4. Susanna K.

    We definitely need more (any!) women in the State House. I was going to run myself until I got a full-time job. I can’t afford to take 6 weeks of vacation every year.

    But anyone else who is self-employed, unemployed, or financially independent ought to give it a go.

  5. Steven Davis II

    Why do people who have never held a public office think they need to start out by jumping straight to a high state office? What’s wrong with the school board or city council first? This is about a dumb as people who think a Senator’s wife is the perfect replacement when he dies in office.

  6. Michael Rodgers

    Giving credit where it is due, I must say that our state legislature has been very open, transparent, and helpful in letting everyone know about their gerrymandering. Both the SC House and the SC Senate have redistricting web sites. The sites have tons of information, and the sites are organized reasonably well.

    Moreover, the sites have google earth files that you can open to see what the new districts will be. And, with google earth, you can “fly to” your address, and in the process see for yourself what district you will be in. The congressional and SC House districts have been cleared by the federal government, so they should be truly final. While the SC Senate districts are struggling to receive federal approval, it is unlikely that they will change much, if at all, in my layman’s opinion.

    SC Senate: if you go to this link, you will see the SC Senate’s plans for itself. The final one that they sent for preclearance is “S. 815 As Adopted by Senate – June 16, 2011.” Just click on the google earth map and enjoy.

    SC House: if you go to this link, you will see the SC House’s plans for itself. The final one that they sent for preclearance is “As Passed By The House Of Representatives On June 15, 2011” Again, just click on the google earth map and enjoy. Right click on the color of the district and it will tell you its number as well as other information.

    Congressional: While you’re at the SC House’s redistricting site, you can click on the google earth map for the congressional districts. It’s called the “House of Representatives Compromised Proposal for H. 3992
    As Passed by the House of Representatives on July 26, 2011” Just so you know, by “compromised,” they are saying that the final congressional plan adopted by the legislature is a compromise between the Republicans in the SC House and the Republicans in the SC Senate.

  7. Kara Gormley Meador

    Hey Steven Davis II, I consider not having the baggage and relationships that often come along with being a career politician a good thing, this day and age. I understand where you are coming from. From my point of view, I am an enthusiastic person with energy and a grasp of a number of state issues. I would consider it an honor to work for our state. I’m tired of watching politicians fighting lawsuits and investigating each other instead of dealing with important issues that would help us all. I think a lot of folks see people who have been entrenched in their political offices for decades, and decide not to run because they feel they don’t have a shot. I believe more “regular folks” need to run and be heard. For what it’s worth.

  8. Silence

    @Michael Rodgers – Thanks, I have the data already, but I didn’t know that there was actually a website with the proposed districts out there.

    @ Ms. Meador – Right on!

  9. Kara Gormley Meador

    Hey Tim!
    Sorry for the delay– busy day!

    I’d like to try and propagate real individual income tax relief.

    I’d like to dismantle or revamp the House and Senate ethics committee. As they stand, neither body has any teeth to penalize legislators when they act in an unethical or illegal manner.

    I am for complete transparency.

    I don’t believe our legislators should offer certain companies back room deals that include huge incentives and tax breaks to try and lure them to our state, while folks who have been doing business here for years get nothing.

    I have a lot of thoughts when it comes to education. We need to analyze administrative costs and see where we can scale back or consolidate and make sure we pay our teachers a fair wage.

    I believe in school choice to include the creation of more charter schools; and to allow children in rural public schools to have the same choices offered to students in other districts in their counties. For example: students in Batesburg-Leesville have only one elementary school in the district, but students in Lexington One have the chance to attend any of the districts elementary school if there is availability. I think a student should be able to cross district lines– especially if they are located in the same county.
    (there’s a lot more to this– if you are interested I’d be happy to tell you more)

    We need to cap government growth.

    I feel that across the board cuts are a cop out. As a legislator in times like these, you need to make some tough cuts in order to pay the bills. I don’t use credit cards to pay for things I can’t afford. I don’t believe our legislators should spend money that way.
    One way we could save money is by shortening the legislative session.

    I also believe legislators should have term limits.

    We need welfare reform.

    In the off session.. I’d love to try and use my position to head a public service project to try and do something good. For example, I’d pick a school that is struggling in my district and work with churches and volunteers to try and help students keep their math and reading skills up over the summer months.

    I hope this at least gives you an idea of where I stand. Whether you agree with anything I have to say or not, thanks for taking the time to ask. Blessings! Kara

  10. `Kathryn Fenner

    How about consolidating all districts within a county into one?

    Does transparency mean using only your state email account to transact state business and making it readily available for review?

  11. Tim

    Ms. Meador,
    Thanks for the response.

    as you have pointed out numerous times, the Governor has no power in SC. Shouldn’t she run for the legislature where the real power lies?

  12. Doug Ross


    No, because she cannot unseat Harrell or Leatherman, the true power in this state.

    I want a Sanford without the bimbo eruptions. Someone who can expose the good old boy system for what it is.

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