Who got the dogs back? Woof! Woof, woof woof!

We hadn’t had any discussion here of recent pit bull thefts. This passage from a email newsletter from Mayor Steve Benjamin reminded me:

Sometimes we joke about running for dogcatcher. Well, earlier this week, the dogcatchers were making headlines instead of punchlines when the Columbia Police Department and Animal Services announced that they have arrested two individuals suspected of repeatedly breaking into the animal shelter and recovered 17 pit bulls stolen from the shelter.

I am so proud of all the men and women who worked to bring this situation to a speedy resolution and thankful for concerned citizens like Carey Shealy who, after hearing about the break-ins, voluntarily installed a number of security cameras at the shelter in the hopes that it would help law enforcement identify those responsible.

But while this effort further demonstrates the spirit of cooperation and generosity that makes Columbia such a wonderful place to live, it also highlights our growing need in finding homes for unwanted and too often abused pets.

We have so many animals that need and deserve a good home so I want to encourage all of you to do what you can. If you’re interested in adopting a pet or volunteering your time, please visit the shelter at 127 Humane Lane (off Shop Rd. and I-77) or call 776-PETS (7387).

Please, get involved and help make a difference in an animal’s life today.

I’d like to add my attaboy to the mayor’s.

And let me also add that Pawmetto Lifeline can use some help as well.

12 thoughts on “Who got the dogs back? Woof! Woof, woof woof!

  1. Steven Davis II

    Brad why are you so biased against Pets, Inc.? You gloat over Pawmetto Lifeline and their multi-million dollar building when Pets Inc. does more with their donation money without an adoption palace. Pets Inc. repeatedly tops the Angels list every Christmas because about 99% of the donations actually go toward the pets that are brought in and not for $200 brass doorknobs. Pets Inc doesn’t have the political backing or the name-dropping names that Pawmetto Lifeline does… maybe that’s the reason for the overlook.

  2. Brad

    Well, I’ve been very clear about that — Pawmetto Lifeline is a client. So, since the mayor was talking about donations and adoptions, I thought of them and gave them a shout-out.

    Nothing against Pets, Inc. My family has gotten three dogs from them over the years, including the best dog ever. I just don’t know much about what they’re up to these days, since I haven’t interacted with them the way I have with Pawmetto.

  3. `Kathryn Fenner

    Yay, cops! Boo, dogfight promoters!

    Now, the more interesting question is the Carey Shealy one. He’s done a great job carpeting Five Points with cameras inside private businesses. Less clearcut is, as Corey Hutchins reported, there are his cameras inside “CPD” boxes on Main Street. I’m of two minds: kudos to him for coming up with a great business model–doing well by doing good. I have no problem with recording anything that is visible from public areas or on private property within that property. You have no expectation of privacy in those places. My concern is that we are outsourcing the kinds of security that the police should be running. Carey seems like a great guy, from all reports, but what about someone who isn’t such a great guy–someone who might seek to profit from extorting subjects of videos, say?

  4. Steven Davis II

    Pawmetto Lifeline is a client of your blog?

    Pets Inc., must not spend as much money advertising as Pawmetto Lifeline.

  5. Mab

    From 2 loiterers loitering over the adoptable cats display @ PetSmart in Lexington last Tuesday — adopting pets from Pawmetto Lifeline is one long interrogation and intrusion into your privacy.

    I figure they were plants for PetSmart — who has their own problems, including vets who wear their faith like whores with bling. Crosses only, of course. Politics overrides everything here in SC, does it?

  6. `Kathryn Fenner

    Pay attention, Steven. Brad has done whole posts on this. His employer–the one that pays him, unlike us–is ADCO, and their client is Pawmetto Lifeline.

  7. Steven Davis II

    Kathryn – but is this blog part of ADCO? That’s the question.

    That’s like bragging about your full-time employer while on your part-time job… or full-time hobby in this case.

    @Mab – Go on the weekend when Pets Inc is there, they’ll match you up with a pet without needing to see your W-2 and DNA sample.

    I took one of my dogs to the groomers at PetsMart once… once, and when I left after giving them a major ass chewing about how they treated my dog who was there for an appointment made over a week prior, and without paying I heard over the intercom for a manager to report immediately to the grooming center. If the manager had any problem they had all my contact information and I never heard from him.

  8. `Kathryn Fenner

    No this blog is not part of ADCO, although I think Brad is given some ADCO time to work it, but he does the blog more or less for free and we read it for free, so if he wants to plug his employers’ clients, he certainly should do so.

  9. Silence

    It’s a good blog, and Brad does a darn good job keeping us informed. I particularly like the local & SC politics articles, I feel like Brad’s old employer has pretty much stopped covering local politics, so it’s nice to have Brad’s postings and insight. If Brad wants to promote ADCO clients, I see no reason why he shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll advertise on Brad’s blog… Silence 2012!

  10. SusanG

    The only thing that would make the blog better is if Brad would be even more willing to disallow pointlessly negative/critical comments.

    (And in my perfect world, all the rest of us would just ignore the posts that he does let through, in hopes that a lack of attention would slow the onslaught).

  11. Ralph Hightower

    Talking about the Corey Hutchins article about the “CPD” cameras, I don’t have a problem with security cameras photographing if the cameras are owned and operated by law enforcement, but Shealy is running a business and operating the cameras. What is Shealy doing with the videos? How is he making money from the cameras?

    What happens in public, should be public. Yet, there are assaults against photographers photographing law enforcement in public. I have read blog posts where this has happened in the US and the UK.

    The ACLU has an article, “You Have Every Right to Photograph That Cop” http://www.aclu.org/free-speech/you-have-every-right-photograph-cop

    Our rights are slowly disappearing.

  12. `Kathryn Fenner

    @ Ralph– Merchants pay him for the cameras. He initially installed cameras in Five Points for free to show how useful they are. Subsequently, merchants paid him for them. He provides the video to the police on request, without charge.

    Like I said, he’s a good guy by all accounts.

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