‘… and two if by sea’ — now, for something completely different in SC campaigning

I thought this was rather novel:

State Senator Chip Campsen will host a two day Town Hall Cruise aboard his 100′ charter vessel, Spirit of the Lowcountry.  The Cruise is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13 – 14.  Senator Campsen will be joined by Congressman Tim Scott as they conduct floating town hall meetings at various marinas in Beaufort, Colleton and Charleston Counties.  Citizens are welcome aboard for a town hall meeting at each marina.

The Town Hall Cruise is an opportunity for Campsen and Scott to cruise their new coastal legislative districts while greeting and listening to citizens along the way.  They will also embark on land-based excursions to significant sites in their districts.

Senator Campsen and Congressman Scott’s new districts encompass vast portions of South Carolina’s coast as a result of the redistricting plan passed by the General Assembly last year.  Campsen’s district spans 80 miles of coastline from Bulls Bay in Charleston County to Port Royal Sound in Beaufort.  Scott’s district extends 115 miles from the Santee River in Charleston County to Beaufort’s Calibogue Sound. They will run for re-election in the new districts this year.

Senator Campsen said, “As a mariner and avid outdoorsman, I have spent a lifetime in the woods and coastal waters of Charleston, Colleton and Beaufort Counties.  From the pristine Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge in the north, to the heart of the ACE Basin in the south, my district encompasses the most spectacular coastal resources in the nation.  A cruise is the perfect way to see it.  I am excited about representing it’s people and places.”

Congressman Scott said, “I look forward to representing the beautiful South Carolina coast running south from Charleston through Colleton and Beaufort Counties.  When Chip suggested the Town Hall Cruise, I thought it was a great way to tour the district and hear from directly from its constituents.”…

This was from a release apparently sent by the cruise line that owns the boat. I tried to link to “Campsen for State Senate,” which the release said was paying for the release, but found nothing. The senator needs to work on his SEO. Maybe ADCO could help him with that…

10 thoughts on “‘… and two if by sea’ — now, for something completely different in SC campaigning

  1. Juan Caruso

    The T.H. session will undoubtedly take place on the fantail, where politicians will attempt to sell tales to their fans.

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    Then there’ll be town hall shooting parties, town hall safaris–very Republican….

  3. tired old man

    Now if the two can only get Mitt Romney to join them the image will be complete — a 100-foot yacht funded by fat-cat campaign donations with two bloated politicians aboard who consistly vote against any social programs claiming to seek the pulse of the public.

    Now if we can get them to allow on board only people who subscribe to the 28-point Laurens County GOP manifesto — well, the picture would indeed be perfect.

  4. Silence

    This is like something out of The Onion….
    1) In related news, Thurston Howell III was unavailable for comment.
    2) Trent Lott to campaign for re-election from his riverboat “The Delta Queen”
    3) Emperor Palpatine to host a series of Alderaan Hall meetings on board his Imperial Space Station, Grand Moff Tarkin will co-host. Future meetings will be held in Endor’s orbit.

    I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  5. Brad

    I kind of liked the idea. It’s like a raiding party, working its way up and down the coast. Like Vikings.

    Or like a leisure cruise, on which the “sights” are voters.

    It invokes so many things, but not politics as usual. Which is a good thing.

  6. tired old man

    Brad, it also invokes a memory of Mark Sanford’s singular legislative effort in Congress, which was to intervene so that Chip’s family could continue to have a monopoly on the Fort Sumter boat service.

    This man’s family fortune is due, in part, to government intervention. It’s only welfare and something to be decried when the recipients are not millionaires.

    So let the projects eat cake.

    (It also invokes the movie, Overboard.)

  7. Silence

    Given the allegations about our Guv’s personal life, I think she’s no Mary Ann, although Brad’s correct, she did run as Mary Ann. It seems that her personal life tends to run more in the “Movie Star” and “Millionaire” realm….
    Of course, we could be talking about the wrong island entirely….

    “Da Plane, da Plane!”

    “My dear guests! I am Mr. Roarke, your host. Welcome… to Fantasy Island!”

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