Filing for re-election: For some, a big deal; for others, a ho-hum matter of routine

Cleaning up emails from the past few days, I was struck by something.

First, I saw this email from Mia Butler Garrick:


I am writing today with some exciting news!  Just a few moments ago, I filed as a candidate for House District 79!  With your continued support, I hope to return to the State House in 2013 as your House District 79 Representative.  It has been an honor to represent you over the past two years, and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

Despite a slow economic recovery statewide and nationally, new companies and industries are making the move to the Palmetto State to bring thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.  As a small business owner, I will continue to fight for and with you to make sure we create a business-friendly, competitive environment for businesses to locate, relocate and expand right here in South Carolina!  Just this year, our state experienced nearly a $1 billion budget surplus, a major accomplishment during these tough economic times.  But we can do even more…

We must focus on improving education and fighting to keep partisan politics out of public education if we’re serious about laying the foundation for a better tomorrow and having a competitive, 21st century workforce.  Improving our infrastructure to better support commerce, and working together to develop a meaningful, comprehensive tax reform plan that fosters balance and equity for individuals and businesses are examples of other critical issues that I’m fighting hard for everyday.

I will continue to fight for the people of District 79 and the State of South Carolina and together, we can accomplish so much more, but I can’t do it alone.  I need your help. That’s why I’m asking you to make a $50, $75 or $100 donation today,by clicking here.

Good ole boy politics continues to rule this state.  And although I have the courage to stand up and fight, it takes resources too.  Let’s commit to work together to ensure that our voices are heard at the State House and beyond. There is still much work to do to help move our state forward.  I’m truly grateful for your prayers and generous support over the past two years.

Together, we can make the next two years our best, most impactful ever! Please stand with me today.

I had thought, by the buildup, that she was going to announce something that was a really big deal. But all it was was that she, a freshman legislator, was filing for re-election. We grow so used to pols doing that automatically — in fact, it’s treated as news when they don’t run again — that there’s something charming and disarming about the fact that to Mia, this is a big deal. In other words, she doesn’t assume anything. It’s sort of endearing.

What we’re more accustomed to is this earlier release from Joe Wilson:

Congressman Joe Wilson Files for Re-election

Joe Wilson: “It is necessary for South Carolinians to send effective leaders to Washington… “

Columbia, SC – Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement after filing for re-election today at the South Carolina Republican Party Headquarters:

“Our nation’s economy is broken. President Obama and his liberal allies in the Senate continue to tax and spend. This will only put us further in debt. With an unemployment rate of over eight percent for the past three years and a growing deficit of over fifteen trillion dollars, it is necessary for South Carolinians to send effective leaders to Washington who will stand up for our founding father’s values and put our great nation back on the path to prosperity.”

“I am committed to standing up for the people of South Carolina’s Second Congressional District by fighting to cut Washington’s out of control spending and promoting a conservative, private sector growth plan to create jobs. Over the coming months, I look forward to visiting with and seeking the support of the citizens of the Second District.”

For a photo of Congressman Joe Wilson and South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly, click here.


The sun came up in the east today. It’s unseasonably warm in South Carolina. Joe Wilson is running for re-election. And he’s blaming everything in the world on those nasty liberals. Ho, and also hum. Compared to this, “Dog bites man” is news. This is more like, “Dog scratches, looks forward to dinner.”

It doesn’t seem to occur to Joe that if the nation’s economy is broken, and nothing gets better, then maybe sending “effective leaders to Washington” means sending someone other than him

Joe with GOP Chairman Chad Connelly, doing what comes naturally. Notice how Chad is wearing a Wilson sticker -- just going ahead and assuming he won't have primary opposition?

7 thoughts on “Filing for re-election: For some, a big deal; for others, a ho-hum matter of routine

  1. Hal French

    On target, Brad! Good assessment of Joe, and I like your response to the contrasting freshness of Mia Garrick. But I did at first think that you were running!


  2. bud

    Hasn’t Joe Wilson been in congress more than a decade? Has his “effective” leadership helped bring down the debt or reduce the unemployment rate? Seems like we need to elect someone who can help make those things happen rather than just blame someone else. I have just one thing to say to you Joe Wilson – You Lie!

  3. Mark Stewart

    Joe looks like he’s excited he can now confirm his summer parade attendance schedule.

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