Gergel, Miller to endorse Coble for council

And maybe Steve Morrison, too.

This morning I got a press release from Daniel Coble saying that there will be “a very special announcement” at the home of outgoing Councilwoman Belinda Gergel late this morning.

“Also making a important announcements will be City Council candidate Mike Miller and former mayoral candidate Steve Morrison,” the release went on.

It’s fairly easy to read between the lines of that, but I don’t have to. I am reliably informed (not by any of the principals; this is second-hand) that Mike is dropping out and will endorse Daniel, as will Belinda. No word yet on Steve’s role, but it would be surprising if he’s not there to endorse young Mr. Coble as well.

I’m going to try to drop by, but might not be able to get away then. If not, at least you read it here first…

8 thoughts on “Gergel, Miller to endorse Coble for council

  1. Brad

    Getting a little deeper into my email, I see confirmation that Steve Morrison WILL also endorse Coble. This is from Bud Ferillo, who is handling Daniel’s campaign (as he did Steve Morrison’s):

    “A news conference of major significance in the City Counci, District 3 race, will be held on the steps of retiring City Councilwoman Belinda Gergel’s home… In addition to Councilwoman Gergel, participating in the news conference will be candidate Mike Miller and Columbia attorney Steve Morrison endorsing Daniel Coble for the District 3 seat in Tuesday’s municipal election. Miller will announce his withdrawal from the city council race and urge his supporters to support Coble. Gergel, who has remained neutral in the race until now, will also endorse Coble, as will former mayoral candidate Steve Morrison.”

  2. Silence

    Sounds like city council may be 100% nonpartisan (Democrat) this year. If you like North Charleston, you are going to LOVE Columbia!

  3. Mike F.

    Will they be announcing that Daniel is no longer as green in politics and business as his signs? Time to give Moe a second look.

  4. Mark Stewart

    It always struck me as odd that prospects are accepted into law school without any work experience at all.

    Therefore, the idea that someone is really ready to lead, personally lead, a “major” city straight out of law school is a bit of a stretch for me – although I’ve never even met the younger Coble. Are these endoresements the public display that, yes, we needn’t worry: There will be lot’s of gray haired string-pullers behind the scenes to help guide him along?

    I’m a bit jaundiced on this; but I personally prefer collaborative mavericks in politics (but with the emphasis on collaborative). That kind of strength and leadership only comes from experience.

  5. Tavis Micklash

    I enjoyed speaking to Mr Coble. He was very giving of his time and took the time to answer my questions for my website.

    He puts a higher value on the innovista than I care for though. Can’t really get behind using general fund dollars for the arts either.

    I’m impressed with the campaign Moe has run with his limited budget. Think he could seperate himself a little more from the pack but thats just a layman’s opinion.

  6. `Kathryn Fenner

    Oh, please. The Democrats of Charleston is more like it–sensitive to the needs of the residents and not beholden to big business interests who don’t even live here!


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