Sheriff Lott endorses Coble in District 3 contest

I’m kind of thinking this isn’t going to go over all that well, given the way some of y’all reacted to the news that my “twin” had endorsed Cameron Runyan, but I pass on this statement from the Coble campaign anyway:

“Daniel Coble is the one candidate in the race for City Council in District 3 who understands what it takes to fight crime and make our community safe,” said Sheriff Leon Lott in a statement released Monday by the Coble campaign.

The Democratic Richland County Sheriff, first elected in 1998, said “Everycandidate talks about crime prevention but only Daniel Coble has put forward a specific plan to make it happen, and that includes replacing the city’s aging police department vehicle fleet, upgrading communication equipment, putting more officers on the street, targeting gangs and installing more cameras in high crime areas. Those things will make real difference.”
“In short, Coble has the best grasp of aggressively fighting crime in Columbia and that is why I have made this endorsement. If crime is your issue, Daniel is the candidate to vote for next Tuesday.”

3 thoughts on “Sheriff Lott endorses Coble in District 3 contest

  1. Justin

    Well that is a flat out lie. I received a flyer from Jenny Isgett that said the exact same thing two weeks ago which means she had it printed off three weeks ago. With all due respect, Mr.Lott just isn’t accurate… I still need to attend one of these debates though. I am kind of nervous having Benjamin, Newman and Devine as a voting block. With gergel and rickenmann on the way out, and Runyan and coble in, there will be no voices of dissent given they only need 4 votes for a majority. I will certainly miss the days when Gergel was the arbiter between the two sides.

  2. bud

    The Sheriff could get rid of the tank and have lots of money for cameras and radios. Wasting taxpayer money is not the best way to fight crime.


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