Something weird in the world of sports…

Apparently, someone out there has decreed that all football-related news this week involve someone named “Peyton,” whether spelled that way or with a slight variation, such as “Payton.”

I don’t know why. I don’t even know why we are subjected to any football-related news when this is so clearly not the season for it. The only sports we should be hearing about should be NCAA basketball, and the impending baseball season.

Maybe we could get a meme going about Jay Payton, left-fielder for the Rockies. It’s worth a try…

7 thoughts on “Something weird in the world of sports…

  1. Steven Davis II

    Nobody cares about the thugball-lite tournament. Especially now that some of the higher ranked teams are out.

  2. Jeff Morrell

    I will be content to watch my beloved Penguins make the run for 1st place in the Eastern Conference.

    – Badger Bob Johnson

  3. Phillip

    @ Steven: Don’t take this state’s relative lack of interest in college basketball as indicative of the nation as a whole (also applicable to political orientation, other areas as well). March Madness is doing as well or better than ever, thank you very much. And as for “some of the higher-ranked teams” being out? All four top seeds remain at this moment, 6 of the top 8 remain, 11 of the top 16.


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