The rush begins for Jim Harrison’s seat

Tyler Jones brings our attention to the above placeholder page indicating Joe McCulloch’s jumping into the melee to replace Rep. Jim Harrison.

Boyd Summers, who ran against Jim several years ago (a video clip from his endorsement interview has the distinction of being one of the first two — tied with Harrison’s — I ever put up on a blog), is almost certain to get into it. If I see him at Rotary today, I’ll try to confirm.

According to The State, we might see the following as well:

4 thoughts on “The rush begins for Jim Harrison’s seat

  1. Brad

    Yes! DSK! I meant to follow the link back and check that before saving it, and got sidetracked.

    Of course, DSM could be appropriate in that case…

  2. Brad

    By the way, I spoke with both of them at Rotary today. Ann Sinclair is NOT running, but Boyd Summers is still considering it.


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