And now, another Sulky Girl is heard from…

I had just posted the item about our governor’s latest bout of petulance, and was driving home with disc 1 of “The Very Best of Elvis Costello” in the CD player, and this came on. Hearing that at such a moment may not have been fraught with meaning, but it was enjoyable:

I think you’d better hold your tongue
Although you’ve never been that strong
I’m sorry to say that I knew all along
You’re no match for that sulky girl

It put a nice finish on the day.

I had forgotten how amazing it was. It’s not one of the usual suspects, like “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding” — the quintessential Elvis song which, ironically, was not written by him. Or “High Fidelity” or “Lipstick Vogue” or “Radio, Radio.” Just one of those gems that you aren’t seeking out, and there it is, putting a whole new texture on your day.

And then, right after it, there’s “So Like Candy,” which he co-wrote with Paul McCartney. Another unexpected bit of delight, showing the depth and breadth of Declan Patrick McManus.

That’s a great compilation, by the way. If I have a complaint, it’s that “The Invisible Man” isn’t included:

I was committed to life and then commuted to the outskirts
With all the love in the world
Living for thirty minutes at a time with a break in the middle for adverts…

But with Elvis, you can’t possibly include everything that is great, even in a two-disc set. I mean, “Green Shirt” is on there, so they knew what they were about…

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