“Conservatives Fooled Again!” Aw, lighten up, Francis…

Before my friends on the left get too wound up telling us what a dangerous right-winger Mitt Romney is, I thought it might be helpful to share with you the sort of thing that actual right-wingers are saying about him. This, and the picture above, are from a release I got promoting a book by a couple of self-styled conservatives:

Des Moines, IA —Just like his lukewarm predecessors Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, and John McCain, Mitt Romney will lose the election this fall, which means the time is now for patriots to begin planning for 2016 lest they risk getting fooled again by the Republican establishment.
So says best-selling conservative author Gregg Jackson and nationally-syndicated radio host Steve Deace, the co-authors of the explosive new book We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again. Endorsed by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and former Congressman J.C. Watts, We Won’t Get Fooled Again documents 30 years of failed political activism by conservatives, including interviews with several of the movement’s leading figures like Ann Coulter, Dr. Richard Land, and Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family.
“Moderates never win presidential elections and Romney won’t either,” said Jackson, former talk show host at WRKO in Boston. “Every time we have allowed the Republican establishment to have its way the country has lost. And as someone who was on the radio during Romney’s time as governor of Massachusetts, I saw up close that he’s a flip-flopper at best, and a total RINO (Republican in Name Only) at worst. You can’t trust anything Romney says in one news cycle, let alone over the long haul. Whenever the American people are faced with the choice of liberal or liberal-light, they always go with the outright liberal. That’s how we got Obama in the first place, and thanks to the GOP and the failure of many conservative leaders, 2008 is repeating itself all over again.”
Deace, who also writes for Townhall.com, concurs. “Romney has all the lame of Bob Dole plus the flip-flopping integrity of John Kerry,” Deace said. “Right now in the White House we have a committed leftist the American people seem poised to reject, but leave it to the Republican establishment to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again by nominating someone who has a record of healthcare mandates, taxpayer-funded abortions, and support for the homosexual agenda that rivals Obama. Coming off of the successful 2010 mid-term election, you would’ve hoped the GOP would’ve gotten the message America wanted something dramatically different than Obama, but sadly that message fell on deaf ears. This is why the time is now for grassroots conservatives and patriots to take it upon themselves to get it right in 2016 and not leave it up to the failed Republican establishment again.”
The headline on the release was “Conservatives Fooled Again!” Which just makes me want to say, Aw, lighten up, Francis

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  1. Brad

    Oh, I should have included this part… the release included an invitation to interview the authors, and helpfully included a set of questions to ask them:

    1. What prompted you to write this book?
    2. How did conservatives get fooled again?
    3. Why is Mitt Romney such an integral part of this book? Don’t the issues raised in the book precede his candidacy?
    4. What should Christian or conservative voters do this fall if the election is between Romney and Obama?
    5. What steps can be taken to ensure we won’t repeat the Mitt McCain mistake of the past two election cycles in 2016?

    Gee, thanks, guys, for saving me from the burden of thinking about what I’d want to know. Why don’t you just go ahead and send me the canned answers, and we’ll save a lot of trouble?

  2. Karen McLeod

    If Americans prefer a “liberal” over a “liberal-lite” what makes these people think we would like a hard core conservative better?

  3. Silence

    One would think they’d answered those questions in the book and a good reviewer would have read it prior to interviewing them….

  4. bud

    Just like his lukewarm predecessors Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, and John McCain, Mitt Romney will lose the election this fall,It’s interesting that George W. Bush was listed. He won (or at least came close enough to steal the 2000 election) even though he campaigned as a “compassionate conservative”. I guess if you pick and choose your evidence you can win any argument provided it’s not challenged.

  5. bud

    The problem with books like this is they start with an unproven assumption and promulgate it as a fact. What these guys are saying here is that conservatism is a successful approach to running the country. Do they offer any real evidence? It’s just accepted as an article of faith that conservatism does a better job with all aspects of American life and the only issue to discuss is how to elect staunch conservatives to office.

    Problem is the evidence indicates conservatism is a failed philosophy. It should be thrown on the scrapheap of history along with feudalism, nazism and communism. Liberalism on the other hand has never been tried in the US. It has been tried in places like Sweden and The Netherlands where it works well to create a clean, prosperous and healthy environment for people to pursue happiness without fear of losing everything to a dread disease. It is the liberal nations that have very low crime rates and long life expectancies. It is the liberal nations that treat each other with respect and dignity rather than thumbing their nose at someone who gets their hands dirty for a living.

    Conservatives fail in grasping the essential essence of what makes a nation great – opportunity, health and freedom. Instead they focus on ever more diabolical schemes to concentrate wealth into the hands of the few. This is accomplished by worshipping a capitalist system that allows a few to make huge profits by denying insurance to the poor and sick. By allowing mining companies to operate dangerous mines. By allowing enormously wealthy oil companies to drill in ever more environmentally sensitive areas. Shamefully conservatism ignores the damage they do to the lives of people while they continue destroying the country, the enviornment, lives and human dignity. And we have folks who arrogantly push for even more conservatism at a time when our nation suffers from the harsh impact of the last rounds of conservatism.

    Only the Democratic party has any hope of rescuing the nation from this madness. They are hardly a bastion of liberalism. Worse, they lack the political instincts to defeat the common enemy of the people – conservatism. But for better or worse they are our only hope. Sadly we are in the hands of a timid and weak party that lacks the guile and cunning that it’s opponents have mastered over the years. But the truth is on the side of the liberals. Hopefully that will be enough in this battle for the soul of this great country.

  6. Burl Burlingame

    Here’s my favorite current statistic: 75 percent of Democratic voters intend to vote FOR Barack Obama, and 75 percent of Republican voters intend to vote AGAINST Barack Obama. Who the opposition candidate actually is doesn’t enter into it.

  7. bud

    Stockholm is where ABBA hails from. Greatest band ever. And that’s not just my opinion. Ask John McCain.

  8. Silence

    Maybe I missed the joke, but wouldn’t 100% of Democratic voters intend to vote for Barry, and 100% of Republican voters vote against him?

  9. Brad

    He’s not talking about how they are voting. He’s talking about what they say is their motivation.

    But now that you mention it — no, self-identified partisans do not vote completely monolithically. Exit polls generally show some small crossover. Which gives me hope for the human race. Or at least for democracy.

  10. bud

    Brad I know you firmly believe the partisans on both right and left are equivalent but I don’t know of anyone on the left who has publicly threatened the assassination of the POTUS as Ted Nugent did a couple of days ago. I don’t really believe that was a serious threat, probably just political posturing, but that kind of talk is very dangerous even if said as a kind of hyperbolic comment not meant to be taken seriously.

  11. bud

    And by the way before anyone dismisses the comments of Nugent as just a fringe kook who has no standing within the GOP just keep in mind that Mitt Romney actively sought out his endorsement.

  12. Brad

    Funny thing about Ted Nugent — I can’t name any of his songs. I know him mainly as a sort of kook who likes to shoot various critters.

  13. Silence

    bud – Hey Baby! Ted Nugent knows that it’s a dog eat dog world and he is suffering from a severe case of cat scratch fever. Ted feels like the Obama administration has him in a stranglehold. He needs Mitt Romney bad, for a little Wango Tango, and like he said, he’ll be home bound soon. It’s just a little jailbait for the secret service, and a change of administration might be just what the doctor ordered.

  14. Steven Davis II

    Motivated, as in ACORN? Motivated, as in filling black church buses and taking them to the polls to vote for the candidate as instructed by the preacher?

  15. Steven Davis II

    @bud – We Republicans just brush it off as you Democrats did with the New Black Panther Party’s bounty on Zimmerman’s head. “Oh they’re just talkin’, don’t mind them.”

  16. Steven Davis II

    @bud – “I don’t know of anyone on the left who has publicly threatened the assassination of the POTUS as Ted Nugent did a couple of days ago”

    Did he really come out and say that? It’s amazing how bud and I can read the same comment and come away with two totally different things.

  17. Silence

    @ Brad – close the door if anyone is around at ADCO.

    Now, dim the lights, maybe turn on your blacklight, but do not spark up any herb-age, as the Nuge would not approve.. Now, cut the sleeves off of your shirt and the legs off of your pants and put on a cowboy hat. Make sure you are carrying a concealed weapon.

    It’s time for an air guitar soundcheck. Turn the volume up to 11, make sure your effects pedals are working, wire in some additional speakers in your office if necessary.

    All done? Good.

    Now go to YouTube and search for “Stranglehold” and prepare for about eight and a half minutes of rocking out, longer if there’s an extended live version of it.

    Press play and enjoy.

  18. bud

    Steven, we’ll let Brad be the arbitor. Is this a threat the Secret Service needs to be concerned with? (When they’re not messing with prostitutes that is):

    Nugent called President Obama a criminal and denounced his “vile, evil America-hating administration” which is “wiping its ass with the Constitution.” Taking it a step further, he said that “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

  19. Brad

    First, as you say, the greatest threat the Secret Service is currently concerned with is the possibility that a hooker will make a lot of noise if you argue about her fee, attracting the attention of the hotel manager.

    But based on my understanding of the Service’s procedures, they would have a file on Ted, and be keeping track of him. Those guys in the dark glasses don’t fool around… OK they DO fool around, but not the way I mean…

    Have you ever had an interaction with the Secret Service while they were in protection mode? No sense of humor, and everything is a threat. If they say, “Don’t stand there,” you’d better get moving …

  20. Steven Davis II

    bud – You forgot to point out where Nugent threatened Obama’s life.

    What he said was nothing the Hollywood types haven’t already said about either of the Republican presidents.

    How many of the liberal celebrities left the country when GWB was re-elected? They sure threatened to didn’t they?

  21. Steven Davis II

    BTW – One could read Nugent’s comment about being dead or in jail this time next year as a political statement. Speak negatively about the Wizard or the country and you could find yourself locked up or with a bullet in your head.

  22. Silence

    Don’t forget the cocaine. It’s important to have plenty of blow on hand when you are partying with foreign prostitutes.

    Right now it sounds like the Secret Service is a bigger threat to national security than The Motor City Madman…

    Between the recent stories about the Secret Service and the GSA, it’s easy to see why people get upset about paying taxes. Still, higher taxes on millionaires would help keep the federal employees in iPods, whores, booze, luxury hotel suites and cocaine.

  23. Steven Davis II

    “Doesn’t compare to what The Nuge threatened Hilary Clinton with.”

    Not her pantsuits I hope!!!

  24. Silence

    It’s a shame that we don’t refer to women as “dames” more often. Why can’t life be more like a Raymond Chandler novel?

    You should break out the expense account and do some real business development. Put a real hurting on the corporate AmEx…Get out there and make it rain.

  25. Brad

    Yesterday, I had a sinus headache like I haven’t had in years. When I used to get them at The State, it tended to get bad late in the afternoon, about the time I had to read proofs. I discovered that if I went into this empty office (we had a lot of empty offices) in the editorial suite that had a couch in it and lay down for about 15 minutes, I got up feeling much better, and could attack the proofs with a second wind.

    So yesterday, I thought I’d try that. I don’t have a couch, but I closed my office door, put on headphones, and lay on the carpet with my head on a rolled-up sweater, and dozed off for about 10 minutes. It worked; I felt a lot better when I got up.

    Last night, I was thinking about that, and mentioned to my wife the kind of Mad Man I think I am. “I’m kind of like Roger,” I said.

    “I HOPE not,” she said.

    So I thought further, and remembered that Don Draper ALSO takes naps in the office. But I didn’t think she’d feel any better about my identifying with him.

    And there’s no way I’ll ever identify with that twerp Pete Campbell.

    So what does that leave me? Ken Cosgrove? Or maybe Bert Cooper, on account of the bow ties?

    Bert might be a good choice, actually. You never seem him do any work, but I think he pulls in the big bucks…

  26. Mark Stewart

    Sofas in exec. offices seemed to fade away about the same time secretarial positions left the building. Not saying that there is a direct correlation, but the timing of the coincidence has amused me on occassion over the past 15 years.

    Mad Men would probably loose a lot of it’s appeal if one’s eyes would burn from the acrid cigarette smoke hanging in the office air and one’s throat would itch from the haze. Those days, I do not miss.

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