‘Hope.’ ‘Change.’ ‘Forward.’ ‘Whatever.’

The theme word of the 2012 Obama campaign has been unveiled. Remember “Change”? Well, meet “Forward.”

What do y’all think?

25 thoughts on “‘Hope.’ ‘Change.’ ‘Forward.’ ‘Whatever.’

  1. bud

    Anyone who wants to save this country needs to vote for Obama and other Democrats come November. The GOP has been taken over by a radical faction of extremists who value wealth distribution toward the very rich, a lack of affordable health care for most working class and many middle class Americans, an environment fraught with pollutants and global warming gases and a foreign policy based on fear and exploitation. With proposals for austerity coming from all corners of the conservative movement we’re likely to see a long, never ending depression that could rival the 1930s. Of course that could end abruptly with any of a number of wars that our nation is likely to become engaged in. And let’s just forget about freedom, except if you’re a corporation.

    We should all embrace the “Forward” slogan for it represents our best chance to move forward as a society. Or we can retreat backwards to the days when contraception did not exist but communists were behind every bush. This important election could determine the soul of America. Let’s not blow it.

  2. Mark Stewart

    So tonight the GOP pundits will complain that no, he’s taking us all BARAKWARD?

    I particularly liked the Double Big Gulp (what is that, 72 ounces of soda?) sitting in front of the couple struggling to sort out their finances at the dining room table.

  3. Steven Davis II

    @bud – “Or we can retreat backwards to the days when contraception did not exist but communists were behind every bush.”

    Ahh… what???

  4. Silence

    Under the banner of Marxism-Leninism, under the leadership of the Communist Party–forward to new victories in the construction of communism!

  5. Silence

    I do think that it’s funny that 2012 is shaping up to look a lot like 1917, with similar slogans and ideas.
    Obama’s already gone after the “Kulaks” and next he’ll be after the Hoarders and Wreckers. What’s after that, collective agricultural policy?

  6. Bryan Caskey

    It fits very nicely (almost too nicely) with MSNBC’s “Lean Forward”.

    I guess they figured that not many people watch MSNBC, so they won’t realize it’s a copycat slogan.

  7. tavis micklash

    I wish they showed the next 4 years of the bar chart from the beginning.

    I liked the guy throwing the ball to his kid as well. Looked like Brett Favre in a wrangler commercial.

    Also don’t know how he can claim medicare and social security payments are protected. I puked in my mouth a bit. It would have been much better from a fiscal strength stand point to just let the bush tax cuts expire.

    Honestly both options suck equally to me. Thank you Electoral College with making my vote for the next POTUS easier.

  8. Jeff Morrell

    Anyone that goes for one of these cheesy slogans is badly misguided to begin with. Spare me the slogans and party rhetoric and give me something substantial, but alas that party doesn’t exist.

  9. Libb

    In the meanwhile, down in Tampa, folks are preparing for the “family values” party to arrive:

    “As the person who works the Christian Right beat for Tikkun Daily, I am very accustomed to reading about how morally superior the Republican Party is and how much they support “family values.” Thus, it was a bit of a shock to see this headline in the local paper, when I was visiting my family in Florida: “Adult Clubs Prepare for RNC.”

    I am very glad I brought a copy of the article home with me because for some reason, it is not available on the Sarasota Herald Tribune‘s website, although one “letter to the editor” mentions it.
    Across the Tampa Bay region, many of the estimated 50 strip establishments are upgrading lighting, hiring dancers and creating private nooks to cash in on some of the 50,000 visitors expected for the GOP convention. Long one of Tampa’s signature industries, strip clubs are preparing for the RNC as earnestly as the city has been repairing bridges, repaving streets and planting park benches downtown….

    “The only thing the adult club owners and me can compare it to is the Super Bowl — except that it’s five time bigger,” said Paul Allen, publisher of Night Moves adult business trade magazine. … “What do you think they are going to be doing at night? You can only eat so many steak dinners.”

    I guess that is one way to boost the local economy.”


    As they say, laughter is good for the soul and I’m still chuckling…

  10. Brad

    Well… I don’t want to rat anybody out or anything, but you do realize that the press contingent at these political conventions is enormous…

  11. Tim

    Most reporters can’t afford strip clubs. They will be watching wifi movies on their laptops in the Motel 6.

  12. Phillip

    …well, those looking for a similarly good time at the Democratic convention will be, I fear, seriously underwhelmed…

  13. `Kathryn Fenner

    @ Phillip–don’t diss your hometown! I mean, there’s South Park Mall….Ikea….Frugal MacDoogal’s

  14. Brad

    The only time I was ever really seriously, up-close-and-personal, propositioned by a hooker (as opposed to the usual, “Hey, baby, you want a DATE?” yelled out as I passed on the street) was when I was at the Democratic Convention in Atlanta in 1988.

    It was a weird little episode. I was staying at a motel out on the edge of town the first night I was there, because there was no room at the place in Buckhead where the SC delegation was staying. I was in the parking lot walking toward my room when a moderately attractive young woman, dressed and made up as for a cocktail party, came up to me and asked me if I knew of a place where she could spend the night. I said something like, um, well, this is a motel and the office is right over there; they MIGHT still have a vacancy.

    After she tried asking her leading question one or two other ways, with me continuing to be puzzled, she gave up and walked off across the lot in the direction of another motel.

    It was only later that I went, “OH! Duh…”

    The next night, I was at the hotel with the delegation, a vacancy having come open…

  15. Silence

    True story – I was spending a summer abroad studying in Russia, on the gulf of Finland. My classmates and I were living in a hotel, it was decent by Russian standards, shabby by American standards.
    Other than us students, the most noticable guests of the hotel were busloads of Finns who would come to drink on the cheap. They were usually drunk by the time the bus arrived, and occassionally couldn’t even make it into the hotel.
    Every night, I would go down to the hotel bar, or to a beer tent outside the hotel, drink a few pivos (Baltika 5) and do my homework before we went out for the evening to the clubs and bars. There were some young devotchkas there and a malchick, I was interested. There were also a lot of hookers there, mostly “older” tarted up women who were trying to peel a few bucks of the Finns. The younger, more attractive prostitutkas were at the nicer hotels.
    After a few weeks of being a regular fixture in the bar every evening I was propositioned by one of our local working ladies. She was probably 10-15 years older than me, a few pounds overweight, heavily made-up, and with henna-colored hair. Cigarette in hand she sat herself down at my table and asked if I was interested in her services. I think the conversation went something like this:
    Her: “I have seen you coming to bar for many nights, now. Do you have girlfriend?”
    Me: “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
    Her: “Are you interested in having girlfriend?”
    Me: “No, I just come here to do my homework. I’m a student, I don’t have any money.”
    Her: “I think maybe you are businessman, staying in the hotel costs money, you must have money.”
    Me: “Ha, no, I’m a student from the USA. I have a little money, but just enough for the hotel.” This was true enough.
    Her, smiling at me: “OK, well, if you decide you’d like girlfriend, let me know.”
    Me: “OK, thanks a lot, I’ll let you know.”
    Me, muttering as she leaves: “Don’t hold your breath.”

    It was a big party, back in those days, there was plenty of fun to be had for free.

  16. Libb

    “… the press contingent at these political conventions is enormous…”

    How thoughtful of the “family values” party to select a city renowned for its “entertainment” district just so the press can have a good time.

  17. Steven Davis II

    “I said something like, um, well, this is a motel and the office is right over there; they MIGHT still have a vacancy.”

  18. Brad

    Yep, Steven, it was like that. Except that, while she wasn’t bad-looking, this woman wouldn’t have made the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Team.


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