Runyan calls turnout ‘extremely low’

This came in from Cameron Runyan while I was at lunch:

Friends —

I wanted to give you a quick Election Day update from the field.

We’re just under halfway through voting and our poll greeters report that turnout is EXTREMELY LOW across the city. I’ve been out speaking with voters at voting locations all day and have observed the same thing.

What does that mean? It means that your vote in today’s Columbia City Council At-Large election could make the difference.

So if you haven’t voted yet, please be sure to do so before polls close at 7 p.m. There is too much at stake for the future of our great city to not vote today.

And please share this message with your family, friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote Cameron Runyan for City Council in today’s election.


If you need a ride to vote, please call  803-348-4571 . Someone will pick you up and take you to the polls. If you’re not sure where to vote, you can find out here.

After voting ends at 7 p.m. this evening, please stop by 701 Whaley Street for our Election Night Celebration. We’ll have the election results as they come in.

As always, I thank you for your support, your friendship and all you are doing to help me build a better Columbia.

In service,

Cameron Runyan

For my readers who live in Columbia: Have you voted? And what was it like at your precinct?

9 thoughts on “Runyan calls turnout ‘extremely low’

  1. Silence

    Normal get out the vote measure, or a desperate Hail Mary? All the city politics watchers expected that turnout would be really low. My thought: Worst case for Cameron is an at-large runoff without district 3 going into a runoff…
    Anyways, it’s not over til 7 pm…

  2. Lynn

    What do you expect when an election is held during spring break for school district. I hope folks voted absentee before leaving for the beach.

    There will be runoffs so we may get to vote again.

  3. Silence

    @ Lynn- The State newspaper reports that “335 people had voted absentee by 4:55 p.m. Monday compared with 1,617 who cast absentee ballots in the last nonmayoral race in 2008”

    That’s pretty darn low.

  4. Brad

    In a similar vein, Daniel Coble just sent out the following…

    Dear Subscriber,

    There’s still plenty of time – it’s not too late to vote today! We are doing great but we need your support. Voter turnout at the polls has been slow thus far. Please share your support of our campaign by getting out and casting your vote today before polls close!

    Polls are open until 7pm this evening, so stop by your voting location right now or after work and make sure to vote Daniel Coble for Columbia City Council District 3 today!

    But don’t stop there. Make your voice heard today. Help us by forwarding along this message or clicking here to forward this to neighbors, friends and family in District 3 to let them know that you’re voting for Daniel Coble and that they should too before polls close!

    We also welcome you to join us at your voting location in helping to get-out-the-vote to others by sharing why it’s important to vote Coble for Council before polls close at 7pm.

    Unsure where your voting location is? Look at the bottom of your voter registration card under “City Council” or you can also go to South Carolina’s elections website and find your precinct. After filling in your info, find your Precinct Name and Precinct Location on your information card!

    Remember What We Stand For

    In casting your vote, know that I will represent your interests and all other important issues in our District and Columbia to continue to strengthen our great city! I would be honored to represent District 3 and to carry forward the important priorities of our community.

    Public Safety and Crime Reduction
    Environmental Protection and Sustainability Programs
    Economic and Local Business Development
    Development of our Cultural and Arts Communities
    Improved Public Transportation
    Important Historic Preservation
    Meeting the Needs of District 3 and Columbia Residents!
    Please join our campaign, District 3 voters, and our community leaders like District 3 Councilwoman Dr. Belinda Gergel, Sheriff Leon Lott, former fellow District 3 candidate Mike Miller, former Columbia Mayoral candidate Steve Morrison, and our local businesses like City Roots in voting Daniel Coble for Columbia City Council District 3 today!


    Daniel Coble
    Candidate, City Council District 3

  5. Lynn

    And this is why Frannie Heizer is no longer on Columbia City Council because her supporters left town for spring break thinking someone else would be voting. Yep, I’ve seen this before.

  6. Silence

    @ 5:45 the turnout at Logan Elementary (Cameron Runyan’s home precinct) was just shy of 200.

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