Who’s your fave Republican celeb?

How’d you like that Teen Beat-style headline?

I figured that was what a silly feature like this deserved. But after following a Wonkette link to this Zimbio feature, I must confess I clicked through all the lonely Hollywood conservatives to see who was on the list. Most are usual suspects: Ah-nold, Ted Nugent, Clint Eastwood…

One surprise was Vince Vaughn. I wonder if that’s accurate?

My biggest disappointment was that my favorite Hollywood conservative, avid Tweeter Adam Baldwin, was missing.

11 thoughts on “Who’s your fave Republican celeb?

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    Clint Eastwood is easily the most talented–as a director and musician. The others? Meh

  2. Brad

    Oh, I really like Gary Sinise. And Vince Vaughn (ever see “Swingers”?) But yeah, Clint Eastwood’s great. If you doubt it, see “Gran Torino.”

  3. Silence

    All of the other celebrities on this list are only on it because Chuck Norris allows them to be.

    I suggest we start a Brad Warthen facts meme, a la Chuck Norris facts.

  4. Juan Caruso

    James Woods (James Woods,
    IQ Score 180 -[smarter than KF?]). BUT, those who credit the intelligence of any Hollywood celebrity probably deserves the political shenanigans of both corrupt stripes that he/she has helped to elect.

  5. WB

    I’m with ya on Adam Baldwin.

    Brad Warthen dosen’t need a life………life needs Brad Warthen.

  6. Brad

    Thanks for sharing that, Steven. It’s more inclusive — I can’t imagine why that other list left off Ben Stein — but it STILL fails to include Adam Baldwin. Maybe he refuses to embrace the GOP label; I don’t know.

    As it happens, I saw Don King at the 2004 GOP national convention in New York, and spoke to him briefly. But I figured he was just there because he was drawn to the crowd (it was at a big reception for media at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle).

  7. Bill

    Oddly enough,I don’t care for any of those people,now(Alice did do,’Killer’)

    Neil Young’s support of Reagan was an urban myth,happy to say…

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