Democratic heavyweights line up behind Brittain

After Ted Vick imploded about as completely as a candidate can last week, top Democrats are publicly lining up behind Preston Brittain in the primary for the new 7th Congressional District:


On Tuesday, May 29 at 11:15 AM, Congressman Jim Clyburn, former Congressman John Spratt, former Governor Jim Hodges, and Senators Vincent Sheheen and John Land will hold a conference call for the press to announce their endorsement of Preston Brittain. Brittain, a local Horry County attorney, is currently a Democratic candidate in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District of South Carolina.

Prior to reapportionment, Clyburn and Spratt each represented portions of the newly drawn 7th Congressional District including Florence and Darlington Counties….

That sort of leaves Gloria Bromell Tinubu, the preferred candidate of Donna Dewitt‘s AFL-CIO, out in the cold in the June 12 primary.

8 thoughts on “Democratic heavyweights line up behind Brittain

  1. `Kathryn Braun

    It’s not Donna Dewitt’s AFL-CIO–it’s the workers’ AFL-CIO. She’s retired–hence the famous retirement party.

  2. Brad

    I’m a cult of personality kind of guy.

    But seriously…

    Under Dewitt, the AFL-CIO has never been a mainstream entity in the SC Democratic Party. I’m not sure whether the chicken comes first there or the egg. Was the union more allied with the Brett Burseys than with most elected Democrats because unions are political poison in SC, or because its leadership chose to be more out on the fringe? I don’t know enough to say…

    In any case, I was sort of doing what entertainment media do when they mention an actor or director — explaining them in terms of the last place you saw them. As in, “are Brad Pitt (“Moneyball”) and Angelina Jolie (“Salt”) in trouble again?…”

  3. Brad

    Ohmygosh, I just looked, and there’s going to be a Salt 2! And I don’t mean the arms treaty!

    I was trapped on a plane coming back from England with “Salt” showing, and if I hadn’t been able to ignore it and read a book, I’d have had to jump out without a parachute. I watched a few minutes of it now and then, and it just may have been the worst-directed, least-convincing action flick that I have ever seen…

  4. Silence

    Speaking of arms treaties – If you loved SALT and START I, and if you are still feel bad about START II – just wait until Obama’s next term when he has “more flexibility” on missile defense!

  5. Brad

    Here’s the full press release on the above announcement:

    Today, Congressman James Clyburn, former Congressman John Spratt, former Governor Jim Hodges, State Senator Vincent Sheheen and State Senator John Land announced their endorsement of Preston Brittain, the Democratic candidate in the 7th Congressional District. The endorsements of these key Democratic leaders show the growing momentum of the Brittain campaign heading into Election Day.

    Congressman Jim Clyburn who has represented Florence for the last 20 years endorsed Brittain saying, “South Carolina families deserve a strong, energetic leader like Preston Brittain who has spent his career fighting against powerful special interests. Brittain, who has deep roots in the district, will stand up for middle class families, work to help get South Carolinians back to work and fight against Republicans’ attempts to end Medicare.”

    Former Congressman John Spratt said, “Preston will be the deficit hawk and a fiscal own needed to tackle our major budget issues. I believe Democrats, Republicans and Independents from the Pee Dee will join me in supporting Preston because they are looking for someone willing to work across the aisle to move our country forward.”

    State Senator Vincent Sheheen added, “Preston Brittain is the only candidate for the 7th District who has common sense solutions like completing I-73 to bring jobs back to the Pee Dee. I look forward to working with Preston to get results for South Carolina families.”

    Governor Jim Hodges said, “I’ve known Preston for over a decade and his family roots run extremely deep in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand, and he’s spent a great time talking with business and community leaders on how to move our economy move forward.

    State Senator John Land noted, “As I go around my Senate district, I hear more and more people concerned about Medicare, and I have been extraordinarily impressed with Preston Brittain’s dynamic leadership and his commitment to key issues like Medicare and Social Security.”

    Florence Mayor Stephen J. Wukela said, “I’m proud to be part of the growing chorus of leaders joining Preston Brittain. I support Preston because he is the pragmatic kind of leader that this district needs.”

    Preston Brittain expressed his sincerest gratitude to these key South Carolina leaders saying, “I am humbled by the support of these key Democratic leaders who have spent their careers fighting for hardworking South Carolina families and seniors. I look forward to continue the priorities of these common sense South Carolina Democrats as a Member of Congress including bringing jobs back to South Carolina, protecting Medicare and reining in our deficit.”

  6. Juan Caruso

    Sheheen and Clyburn withdrew their Vick support after the latter’s arrest. Let’s give them credit for sound judgement anyway!

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