Obama sucks! So send me more money!

Catching up with my email, I’m marveling over this one from Joe Wilson, which takes irrelevant misdirection to a new level. Yes, we know that Nikki Haley got elected governor running against President Obama rather than her actual opponent, but I don’t think anyone has to date produced such a whiplash-inducing change of subject from “Obama sucks!” to “Send me money!” as this one:

Dear Friends,

41% of West Virginia’s Democrats believe that a federal prisoner would make a better president than Barack Obama.

Keith Judd received 69,766 votes Tuesday night in West Virginia’s primary while still serving a 17-year sentence for extortion. Shouldn’t this send a clear message to President Obama that he’s failing the American people?

The President promised to help our economy, but he will not listen to any of the pro-business, pro-competition, pro-free market principles that conservatives have offered.

The President promised to bring change to our country, but his version of change has resulted in restrictions on our American liberties and further partisan divide.

The President promised a lot of things, but he’s been unable to provide the leadership needed.

Americans are tired of the president’s policies. So much that voters say even a jailbird knows more about freedom than Barack Obama.

The choice is clear. In order to get our economy back on track and maintain  liberty, we must elect a new president in November.

We must also elect conservative leaders who are willing to stand up for the truth to President Obama or anyone else in office. I will always work to bring economic policies that produce jobs and protect liberties for the people of South Carolina’s Second District.  Will you join with me and donate to the campaign today?



P.S. If you agree that we need to elect a new president this November, please visit Facebook and Twitter to let me know.

6 thoughts on “Obama sucks! So send me more money!

  1. Brad

    I love the way his website says, “Donate to Help Reform Washington.” Which you are expected to do by sending Joe up there yet again. Because, you know, if you don’t like what’s going on, be sure to stick to what you’ve been doing…

    Pappy O’Daniel needs to tell Joe what should be obvious. Pappy would mince no words: “How we gonna run reform when we’re the damn incumbent? Is that the best idea you boys can come up with?”

  2. Kathleen

    Scary. I get email like that but the authors usually have enough sense/shame not to claim authorship.

  3. Nick Nielsen

    In his last two constituent newsletters, Joe has claimed that defense spending is less than 20% of discretionary spending.

    That just didn’t sound right to me, so I checked. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the FY2012 budget contained a total of $1.338 trillion in discretionary spending, of which $683.0 billion was defense spending. Using the math I learned in school, that works out to 51%. The only way to get that percentage below 20% is to include both mandatory AND discretionary federal spending.

    So, Joe Wilson, one of two things is going on here. Either you (and all your aides) failed math in high school, or (to borrow a phrase) “You lie!”

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