I was not aware that she had a CHOICE in this

I’ve been sort of puzzling over this press release since it came in yesterday:

Carol Tempel to Withdraw from House District 115 Race After Supreme Court Ruling
“It’s the right thing to do”

Carol Temple

Charleston, SC – Democrat Carol Tempel announced Wednesday that she will withdraw from seeking the Democratic nomination for House District 115 (James Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah) after Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling that very clearly stated that candidates must turn in their Statements of Economic Interests and Statements of Intention of Candidacy at the same time. Tempel acknowledged she had inadvertently filed electronically but did not submit a paper copy of her Statement of Economic Interest and thus will be forgoing a run for the nomination. Tempel released the following statement on Wednesday:

“The Supreme Court could not have been more clear in their ruling yesterday. If candidates did not file properly, they should not be on the ballot. I accept full responsibility and thus will forgo seeking the Democratic nomination for House District 115. While the opportunity of serving the people of Charleston County is still on the table, I had to respect yesterday’s ruling and uphold the rule of law. I call on other candidates in Charleston County to follow my lead and do the right thing. If you did not file properly, do not risk being held in contempt of court by stubbornly trying to remain on the ballot. I look forward to fellow James Island resident Paul Thurmond and all other candidates in Charleston County who did not file properly to respect the law and immediately withdraw from the race. “
Tempel is currently weighing the option of running as a petition candidate for House District 115.

OK… but as far as I know, she had no choice in this. I mean, she was legally off the ballot. So I’m confused by the “It’s a far, far better thing I do” tone of this announcement, as though she were making some sacrifice, of her own volition, for the principle of the Rule of Law.

Or maybe I’m just misreading it…

6 thoughts on “I was not aware that she had a CHOICE in this

  1. Brad

    Ah. Well, I suppose that when all around your are determined to ignore reality, simply stepping up to say you acknowledge the inevitable CAN be seen, in certain circles, as a virtue…

  2. Silence

    Maybe it means she won’t try to fight the SCOSC’s ruling in federal court? I’m not really sure what her options might have been…

  3. `Kathryn Braun

    @ Brad–Indeed.

    She may also be saying she doesn’t intend to file frivolous lawsuits–the judge’s smack-down of Kevin Hall was epic! Although in SC, it is hard to know what constitutes a frivolous lawsuit, given the capricious, results-oriented jurisprudence that so often takes hold.

  4. Carol Tempel

    Well i didnt quit. Instead we mounted a petition campaign. I am back on the ballot as a petition candidate. We achieved 1988 signatures, well over the 1476 needed. Thanks to many volunteers. As to the question about a campaign manager…it’s a grassroots effort.
    The focus of the campaign is education = jobs.

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