No question, Ronald Regan was a great Amercian

OK, now we’re getting into the nit-picking, since this time it was small type way down in a slide, rather than the title of an initiative. And it wasn’t the candidate himself who made either mistake:

First “Amercia,” then “sneak-peak,” and now “Ronald Regan.” No wonder the Romney campaign is searching for a copywriter. (Required skill: “Ability to edit and proof own work.”)

Buzzfeed spotted the latest spelling error from the Romney team on Wednesday after taking a look at a slideshow the campaign’s pollsters put together for bundlers, and the rest of the Web appears to have taken notice. (The Gipper’s last name is spelled Reagan.) Among the international outlets currently running the story: Britain’sTelegraph, Canada’s Star and Ireland’sIndependent.

The typo was in a chart showing the approval ratings of incumbent presidents in the May before their re-election attempt. “Ronald Regan” was noted as having a 53 percent approval rating. (For the record, Obama’s was 47 percent, according to the chart).

But that’s the way it works. Poor ol’ Gerald Ford stumbles once, and the heartless media marketplace labels him a klutz.

For Romney, it looks like it’s gonna be spelling. Sorry, Mitt; them’s the breaks.

7 thoughts on “No question, Ronald Regan was a great Amercian

  1. Pat

    Johnson skews the chart. His “re-election” was right after he assumed office after the Kennedy assassination. No one really had a chance to know him yet and he was the recipient of the sympathy mood.

  2. Brad

    Also, I don’t know what I think about that Romney campaign logo.

    It looks like “Omney,” because my eye kind of skips over the stylized “R.”

    Yeah, I KNOW better, but that’s what it looks like. Reminds me of what the funny guy said in “That Thing You Do” about the band’s new name:
    “Looks like oh-NEED-ers.”

    “No, see, it’s ONE-ders…”

    “Yeah, got it. It looks like oh-NEED-ers…”

  3. Kathleen

    “Amercia,” Sneak-peak,” “Regan.” Individual firing offenses. If Mr. Romney hasn’t dealt with the perpetrator(s), it may be time to ask Donald Trump do some firing.

    I agree with you about the stylized “R.” It could have something to do with the slanted base.

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