Cindi’s just KILLING me with that ratio of hers

Haunted by his own rep, always having to look over his shoulder...

You’ve seen the Westerns in which the canny, world-weary, legendary gunslinger is hounded constantly by young punk wannabes, and haunted by the knowledge that sooner or later, one of them will come along who’s a little faster, and that’ll be that.

It’s like that in the Twitterverse.

Here I am, one of the Twitterati, with a follower-to-following ratio of better than 3-to-1 (1,807 to 589), but I can’t just relax. I’ve got to stay on deck and attend to duty, and keep firing them out. You’ve got to keep wowing them, as I did this morning with @absolom, a.k.a. “cgi-bin laden,” who was kind enough to write:

But I still have to keep looking over my shoulder.

There’s this kid out there, this Cindi Scoppe. We used to ride together back in the day, stole a lot of horses together, as they say. But now she’s gunnin’ for me. The kid only started on Twitter a couple of months ago. And she only has 187 followers. Yes, let’s all snort in derision!

But here’s the thing — she’s only following 25! Yes, like movie star follow numbers! Numbers that say, “I don’t have to follow anybody to get followers.” That’s a ratio of almost 7-and-a-half to one! It’s like she’s saying, “I can sweep past you any time I want!”

I had thought these MSM types were washed up. After all, my blog gets five times the traffic of the one I had at the paper — something I attribute in large part to my social media prowess.

But still. I’m hearing footsteps…

4 thoughts on “Cindi’s just KILLING me with that ratio of hers

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I just ran across this, years later.

    You know what Cindi’s ratio is NOW?

    62 to 1! She follows 37, and has 2,320 followers!

    And here I was congratulating myself with my 5-to-1 ratio (following 588, with 2,954 following me) — which is respectable, but laughable next to hers.

    At this point, all I can do is stay ahead of her on raw followers. And how long can I maintain even that?

    This ol’ gunslinger can see the end comin’…

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