Silence makes a funny with PhotoShop

… or some comparable application, using my original photo.

I’m still catching up with email from before the weekend. Our own Silence sent me the above picture, under the headline, “cause of the Cayce plastic fire.”

His message read:

It’s a trap!
That blast came from the Death Star! That thing’s operational!

18 thoughts on “Silence makes a funny with PhotoShop

  1. Brad

    Of course, now that I’ve chuckled, I’ll chide myself by looking at this other email from over the weekend, a release from the town of Cayce:

    “As a result of continued firefighting efforts to extinguish the Global Plastic Recycling facility fire, runoff from the fire water and foam have reached the Congaree River.
    “In order to avoid drawing possible contaminated water into our potable water system, we have discontinued drawing water until we are sure no contaminant is present.
    “To continue to provide potable water to all City of Cayce water customers, Cayce has opened the interconnection between the City and the City of West Columbia water systems which will supply West Columbia water to Cayce water customers.
    “In order to ensure that there is sufficient water available to all water customers, it is imperative that we place mandatory water-use restrictions on all City of Cayce water customers.
    “Until further notice is given, we are asking all City of Cayce water customers to refrain from use of city water for any outside use, to include yard watering (irrigation) and vehicle washing.
    “We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we will notify you when the restriction is lifted.”

  2. Mab

    If Silence is who I think he is, whether affiliated or not with “he whose name shall not be mentioned” — he’s one creative (and I do mean C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E) character.

    Very entertaining. Reality sux!

  3. Silence

    @ ‘Kathryn – what big purple toad? Not that I’m disputing that there is one, I just need more information if I’m going to provide documentary evidence.

  4. `Kathryn Braun Fenner

    There was a comment in Jeff Wilkinson’s Facebook feed that someone on The State said once to that effect…. that the heat sits on Columbia like a big purple toad.

  5. Mab

    Silence — you are a Chinese Muslim named Tony who lives in Austin, Texas and Plucks™ strings/makes stuff up for an online media company.

    And if perchance you are not, nobody (NOBODY) will be able to convince me of this.

  6. Steven Davis II

    Oh Lord, I don’t know who Jeff Wilkinson is… I’m finding out I’m more ignorant by the day on this website and that Kathryn is the smartest person in Columbia. Why aren’t law firms beating down her door?

  7. Ralph Hightower

    I thought the Death Star was taken down from the building across from the State House years ago.

    It was known as the AT&T building at that time.

  8. Silence

    Dang! Outed by Mab!

    @ ‘Kathryn – I guess I need to friend Jeff on FaceBook. The Toad’s not a bad analogy though.

    I prefer to think that someone had accidentally left the screen door to hell open last week. I can just see Satan yelling at his minions: “I’m not paying to heat the whole damned town! Close that door, were you raised in a barn?”

  9. Mab


    I changed my mind. You may be Japanese, or a redneck chameleon — but I hereby invoke…

    >Silence to ALL the Donnies and their dummies<

    Praise G-d. Amen and Amen.


    Mab aka Mrs.Dash aka "Belligerence"


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