Any questions for Pub Politics tonight?

Screenshot from my 7th Pub Politics appearance, in October 2011, with Phil (left) and Joel (right).

Just got this Tweet from Pub Politics:

@BradWarthen any questions for @joeldavidsawyer or Phil Bailey for tonights #E122QA? Let them shower you with knowledge and wisdom.

Nothing comes to mind immediately, but I thought I’d check with y’all.

As you probably know, @joeldavidsawyer is the former Mark Sanford press secretary (post-Will Folks) who helped run the SC campaign of Jon Huntsman before going to work as a consultant with Wesley Donehue, for whom he sometimes subs on Pub Politics.

Phil Bailey, of course, is the other regular co-host, who also works for the SC Senate Democrats. He is no longer known by his Twitter handle because of, you know, the “Sikh Jesus” thing.

So… any questions?

7 thoughts on “Any questions for Pub Politics tonight?

  1. `Kathryn Braun Fenner

    Nikki Haley for Veep: good for the Palmetto State or bad for the Palmetto State? the country?

  2. Lynn

    What do you think of the rumor from Fits News that Sen. Demint will run for Gov and appoint Nikki to fill his remaining term? What is Folks ingesting or smoking these days?

    Will the GOP convention let Sarah Palin speak in prime time?

    What’s the best event in the SC Political Summer Olympics?

  3. Ella Minnow Pea

    “What is the biggest lie you have told in order to try and get a candidate elected?”

    “How much money did the Bachmann campaign pay for your services? Did you really think she had a chance or did you just need to make a car payment?”

  4. Barry

    Why is Eugene Robinson constantly referred to as a ‘Pulitizer Prize Winner” in every single introduction and conclusion on MSNBC?

    Does he require them to say that because he doesn’t stop them.

    Eugene, and a handful of others, seem to require that introduction.

    I’ve never heard Charles Krauthammer referred to that way when he makes an appearance on Fox.

    George Will isn’t referred to that way every week on ABC.

  5. Barry


    I have no respect at all for Eugene Robinson- especially after the way he was critical of Rick Santorum and his wife’s decision to hold their stillborn baby (which is the exact thing advised by many in the health community for families dealing with such a personal tragedy).

    In fact, I think he’s a pathetic human being for saying what he said.

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