Danny Frazier n’a jamais sonné comme ça

If that headline makes no sense, blame Google Translate.

I got a new Twitter follower over the weekend, possibly because of what’s been in the news locally. The handle is @video_poker.

But it’s voice, shall we say, isn’t quite the one I’ve come to associate with video poker. Some recent Tweets:

If Jake Knotts and Sheriff Metts say they don’t know anything about this, I think everyone will believe them…

7 thoughts on “Danny Frazier n’a jamais sonné comme ça

  1. bud

    What we have is a problem with corrupt politicians and law enforcement. Sheriff Metts needs to go. Until we get a better brand of voters corruption will continue to pollute our community. Why is that so hard to understand?

  2. Steven Davis II


    If half of this report is true, it’s going to bury a lot of naked, cocaine snorting rednecks.

  3. bud

    Speaking of naked has anyone heard about one of distinguished congressman taking a skinny dip in Israel? Some things you just can’t make up. From Politico:

    Politico reported that a late-night dip in the Sea of Galilee near the Israeli city of Tiberias by several GOP freshmen lawmakers and top leadership staff during that trip led to an FBI probe after reports of drinking and even a bit of nudity surfaced. Federal officials told CBS News that there is an FBI investigation into public corruption, but the skinny-dipping incident cited in the report is ancillary to the larger probe. Those officials also said that Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan., – who was named in the Politico report – is not the subject of the federal investigation.

  4. Mark Stewart


    This one is a head-scratcher. Who cares whether a bunch of politicians/staffers went skinny-dipping in Israel? Even in the Sea of Gallilee. Especially given that they made the mistake of chosing August for their junket.

    The boorish American part comes in though at the thought of them mixing up their rift seas – I think they probably thought they were on the Dead Sea.

  5. Barry

    I got the same twitter following Brad after retweeting some of Jody Barr’s tweets.

    I also found – on the State website- that a video gambling supporter (from out of state) was all of a sudden commenting a lot on all the stories regarding Danny Frazier.

    This particular poster was arguing hook, line, and sinker for Video gambling- and citing court cases, etc (and twisting things a bit to boot).

    Gambling supporters come out of the woodwork on stories like these.

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