National media starting to get a clue about Haley

I wasn’t familiar with Newsday columnist Lane Filler. Maybe The State runs him all the time, and I never noticed before. But when my friends there ran him yesterday, I found a good reason why in the 7th graf:

And Romney dodged the splashy picks that could have backfired like a 1986 Yugo: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who, honestly, makes Sarah Palin look presidential, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a smart guy who is, unfortunately, best known for a State of the Union rebuttal in 2009 that would have garnered last place at a grade school Optimist Club speaking contest.

It’s nice to see someone outside SC picking up on the obvious. This guy needs to ditch Newsday and head down to Washington. I don’t think they’ve gotten the word there yet.

14 thoughts on “National media starting to get a clue about Haley

  1. `Kathryn Braun Fenner

    The State runs him all the time and you never noticed.

    He’s not flashy like MoDowd or Kathleen Parker. Just a good writer, imho.

  2. Patricia Finley

    Yay! I glad to see that the nation that has so loved Nikki Haley in the past is finally seeing what the residents of the state of SC see – the worse governor in the history of SC and a horrible person and politician.

  3. Brad

    Well, as I’ve said before — I’m no longer paid to read everything on those pages any more, so it’s a hit-and-miss thing with me. That’s why I said, “Maybe The State runs him all the time, and I never noticed before”…

  4. Juan Caruso

    “Romney used his pick to motivate a conservative base that’s always been queasy about him, rather than to woo independents.” Lane Filler, August 11, 2012

    “The US is so polarised that there are, according to the polls, few undecided voters left. Compared with 2008, when about 25% of the electorate had still to make up their minds at this stage in the election, only about 5% are undecided.” – Ewen MacAskill, UK Guardian DC bureau chief – 16 August 2012

    As I mentioned here some back, the ship to embark independents has already sailed.

  5. Juan Caruso

    The two quotes I listed above have one thing in common — personal opinions. Lane Filler worked at the Spartanburg Herald previous to his present position.

    Some of my upstate friends told me Lane was a good writer (he had a humor column). Just before he departed, Fuller unleashed his flaming, left-wing opinions. My friends thought he had been fired instead of moving where he fit in better.

  6. Brad

    Well, if Lane was in Spartanburg, that explains why he knows the score.

    I suppose he COULD be “left-wing” and say what he did about Nikki. Either that, or a South Carolina Republican.

  7. Juan Caruso

    “I suppose he COULD be “left-wing” and say what he did about Nikki. Either that, or a South Carolina Republican.” – B.W.

    Yes, indeed, too many SC “Republicans’ are, in fact RINOs. And real conservatives know who they are!

  8. Cotton Boll Conspiracy

    You don’t have to be from any paricular political persuasion to understand that Nikki Haley would be a millstone around the neck of any candidate running for president. She’s managed to make Jim Hodges and David Beasley look positively statesman-like by comparison.

    @Patricia – Sorry, but Ben Tillman still gets my vote for the worst governor in SC history. It’s pretty tough to top a chief executive who publicly pledges to “willingly lead a mob in lynching a Negro who had committed an assault upon a white woman,” which Tillman did in 1892.

    Haley, however, may well rank in the top two.

  9. Brad

    Juan, if you think a Republican who is a detractor of Nikki Haley is a Republican in name only, you really, truly are disconnected from South Carolina politics. It is the hard-core, long-term, Republican-when-Republican-wasn’t-cool types who can’t stand her.

    Her most ardent fans seem to be generally poorly informed people who are relatively newcomers to politics. Yes, she has some allies among real Republicans — Henry McMaster found it in himself to support her when not one other of her primary opponents would. But that’s because Henry is such a Reagan Republican that not supporting the GOP nominee would be anathema to him.

    But mostly what you see supporting and defending Nikki is Tea Party types, not hardcore Republicans.

  10. Kathy

    Brad’s last comment is completely on the money. Juan, get off Will Folks’ RINO bandwagon, please. So typical: Libertarians calling real Republicans RINOs while calling Libertarians Republicans. It’s childish. Just be what you are. Gary Johnson will love you for it.

    But then Libertarian Ron Paul calls himself a Republican so he can get elected. Sanford was another one. Nikki Haley, however, needs to start her own party, the Haleyites. After all, what does she really stand for other than herself? Libertarians may have gained some ground during the last decade, but they certainly didn’t gain any ground by electing Haley.

    I wonder how many Republicans of many decades are on the verge of becoming a member of the Unparty because of all the ridiculous Libertarian ideas now espoused by the so-called Republican Party.

  11. Ralph Hightower

    I am hoping that SC Governot Nikki Haley will do a “Bobby Jindal SOTU Response” in front of the nation.

    Jindal’s response to the 2009 State of the Union response was watching a train wreck!

    Early on, it looked like the Republican Party wasn’t in it to win this election. Just look at the candidates, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, some ex-guv from Colorado. Is that their best?

    Hey Ron, put your hand over your head with your index finger pointing skywards and your thumb pointing to your right. That’s right, you’re a “LOSER!”

  12. B. O'Malley

    Whatever the stripe, there would seem to be no shortage of Lexington County Republican scoundrels these days.

    It’s hard to decide which pillar of the party is worse. “All of the Above” is probably the only accurate answer, unfortunately. Corruption is rampant and widespread; certainly more so than “Conservatism”. I guess the county voters get what they deserve.


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