Nikki Haley still to speak (I’m sure all of y’all will be greatly relieved to know it)

At first it appeared that planet Earth had gone to great trouble to prevent Nikki Haley from addressing the nation. But the GOP convention planners, not ones to take a hint, have rescheduled her:

TAMPA, Fla. — Gov. Nikki Haley will address the Republican National Convention at nearly 10 p.m. Tuesday under the new, storm-altered schedule of events.

The governor was originally slated to speak at 10 p.m. tonight, but Tropical Storm Isaac forced organizers to scrap the opening night activities and move the Monday night speakers to Tuesday.

Haley, who made history as the state’s first female and minority governor, will follow Artur Davis, a former Alabama Democrat and supporter of President Obama who became a Republican this year after badly losing his bid to become Alabama’s first black governor.

She will speak before GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, and another popular Republican governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, according to the revised schedule. Christie was supposed to deliver the keynote speech Monday night…

So I’m sure all of y’all are relieved, right?

7 thoughts on “Nikki Haley still to speak (I’m sure all of y’all will be greatly relieved to know it)

  1. Bart

    I will be glued to the television, hanging onto every word. That is if she talks about Mark Sanford and his fiance and the romantic setting where he proposed. My wife and I talked about it and her heart went all aflutter over the absolute tender romantic moment they shared at the restaurant where privacy is valued by the proprietor. Now that is out of the way, if I even watch the thing, if she comes on, reruns, reruns, reruns.

    And to be fair, I am really ticked off that Obama had the nerve to bump Thursday Night Football back to Wednesday night. Really, a choice between a good football game and listening to a politician? Once again, reruns, reruns, reruns. No different than the convention speeches only less boring.

  2. Tom Stickler

    I’m trying to figure the political calculus that would convince a black Democrat who lost trying to become governor of Alabama that he would fare better as a Republican.

    Maybe he is as crazy as Herman Cain or Allen West. Republicans seem to like crazy black folks.

  3. Bart

    “Samuel L. Jackson is upset with God for not directing the hurricane to Tampa.”…SDII

    You should read the retweet from Ellen Barkin from one of her fans or whatever. Jackson’s is tame by comparison.

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