Lots o’ skin: The State apparently trying to compete with Will Folks on HIS turf

Combined, the two galleries from this event include more than 250 images.

That’s all I can conclude from the fact that this photo gallery from the “Bikini Contest Finals at Jillian’s” has been prominently displayed page on thestate.com’s home page for the past two days (that I’ve noticed).

There are actually two galleries offered, totalling more than 250 images. Most are less salacious than this one, which to me invokes the Bada-Bing.

Make of this what you will.

Oh, and yes, the thing about Fitsnews is a joke. People say that Will gets his traffic from the cheesecake pictures. I defend him, saying that Will is read by so many because he works hard to break news. That said, I did think of his site when I saw this.

Today is the second day this has been featured on the home page.

7 thoughts on “Lots o’ skin: The State apparently trying to compete with Will Folks on HIS turf

  1. susanincola

    I’ve noticed that the little AP (or whatever — some news service) video feed that they have on The State site always has at least half of its videos of girls in bikinis everyday (“so and so’s buff bikini body!” is usually the headline). I find it really annoying, but obviously they think it attracts people.

  2. Steven Davis II

    I’m interesting to hear how this idea would have gone if you had still been with the newspaper.

  3. tavis micklash

    “Oh, and yes, the thing about Fitsnews is a joke.”

    Didn’t come across that way at first. Especially given the host of anti brad stories on his website. Granted that feud does seem a bit one sided and mostly in the past since the latest was in April of 2011.

    This hardly seems to me as news for The State but I don’t pretend to be an expert.

    Maybe they are trying to expand their market some. With the pay wall coming they could be trying to push the envelope to drive E subscriptions.

    I still read Free Times and they have some real racy stuff in back. Doesn’t diminish the work they do in the front part.

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