This guy just makes me want to give up

As you know, I’m working on some mutton chops for “Pride and Prejudice.” I really didn’t start early enough to get them nice and bushy, a la Regency Period.

From my sideburn days, in college. They show up better when they're not white.

I know from experience that sideburns take time. To grow them really big would take close to a year. And even more maddeningly, the part of my beard I don’t want — the mustache and chin area — grows much more quickly and thickly.

All I can say is that by the time I shave the middle part, just before opening night (which is just over two weeks away!), they will be passable, although not nearly as good as Mr. Bennet’s in the 1995 TV series. Good thing I’m playing Sir William, eh?

This would be easier to accept if I hadn’t watched a movie with my wife the other night about Beatrix Potter, whose father was played by John Woodvine, below. That’s just totally unfair. I console myself by saying that they have to be fake. They do, right? No actor could take that much time out of his life to look like this for one role…

10 thoughts on “This guy just makes me want to give up

  1. Brad

    By the way, if you look at the header image at the top of this page, you’ll see a shot I took during rehearsal last night. Director Linda Khoury is giving notes to the actors after we ran through the first half Act I. I suppose this will go on the “extras” part of the DVD…

  2. Brad

    The actors you see in the candid shot will play Mr. Bingley, Mrs. Bennet, Jane Bennet, Kitty Bennet, Charlotte Lucas, Lydia Bennet, and Elizabeth Bennet.

    Of course, you don’t get the full effect since they aren’t in costume…

  3. Brad

    Nah. To paraphrase what DeNiro said in “Analyze This,” chops should be got legit, or not at all.

    Anyway, that wouldn’t fix the problem of them not being as bushy as I’d like.

    Of course, they’ll be plenty bushy enough that I’m going to be weirdly conspicuous in my day job for more than three weeks…

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