Haley promises government will take care of you (or at least your credit) for the rest of your life

We now have an answer to the question of what happens after the year of free credit protection the Haley administration is offering to those compromised by the massive Department of Revenue data breach:

COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina taxpayers and their children who were victims of a massive data breach at the Department of Revenue will receive free lifetime credit fraud resolution, Gov. Nikki Haley announced Tuesday….

Now that the governor is promising free cradle-to-grave coverage, I find myself wondering about something that should have occurred to me before… where does the governor get the authority to promise all of this?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or that it’s not necessary; I’m just wondering from whence the power derives to do it. It’s her remark yesterday about it being up to the General Assembly to decide how to pay for it that planted the germ of this idea, which for some reason just now sprouted: If the Legislature has to determine how (or for that matter, whether) to pay for this emergency step, does it not have to pass legislation to let her do it to begin with?

Has anyone seen anything anywhere addressing that? I’m curious…

9 thoughts on “Haley promises government will take care of you (or at least your credit) for the rest of your life

  1. bud

    You just gotta love this. Haley has attacked government intervention into practically every aspect of our state since well before she was gov. Now all of a sudden the government is going to solve this problem with a huge government expenditure. You just gotta love the irony.

  2. Silence

    I guess since it’s a cabinet agency, the Gov, or her appointee can determine how the agency’s budget gets spent. If they’ve got the funding to pay for it in their current budget, I suppose they can do it without any additional appropriation or nod from the legislature.

  3. Doug Ross


    A huge government expenditure to a private company to do what the government can’t do. Outsourcing is the way to go, right?

  4. susanincola

    It made me wonder if the “free lifetime credit fraud resolution” isn’t already available for free from Experian — since it seemed to me they only promise things like “helping with the paperwork” by providing you some form letters to send to creditors and such through the year-long deal. So maybe the governor isn’t really offering anything of substance with this?

  5. bud

    Silence, why ask me? I’m not an anti-government guy. I believe government is needed to solve many problems. What I’m pointing out is the crass hypocricy and demonstrably proven claim that government can never solve any problem.

  6. Lynn

    To me this is about trust. I simply don’t trust Gov. Haley nor her appointees to fix the mess, I believe they are responsible for creating through their collective ignorance or negligence. The horses have left the barn and the door or at least the back door is still most likely open. Competence counts and so far I don’t see/hear any on this matter.

  7. Lynn T

    In the course of a conversation with Experian tech support on another matter, the techie volunteered that many people erroneously believe that they get lifetime ProtectMyID alerts. Not true. The alerts are very useful, but you get them for one year only. “Resolution assistance” is something else, and just how much help will be provided (a checklist of tips on how to proceed in fixing it yourself, perhaps?) hasn’t been described.

    I’ve also seen an interesting question posed, for which we have no answer to date — were account numbers and so forth for bank and investment accounts that produced taxable income hacked as well?


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