No, wait! McBride says she HASN’T quit…

OK, so disregard the previous report. Check this out instead:

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Richland County Election Director Lillian McBride is denying reports that she has resigned her position. Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Richland) told reporters earlier that McBride has agreed to step down on January 8 and possibly take another position at the county.

A short while after those reports, McBride emailed the media saying that was not the case. Her email read: “Dear valued members of the press: This is to inform you that I have not submitted my resignation to the Board of Elections and Voter Registration or to the members of the Richland County Legislative Delegation. Any discussion of this is entirely premature and erroneous. Sincerely, Lillian McBride Executive Director of Richland County Elections and Voter Registration”…


Of course the first question that arises is, if she hasn’t quit, why not?

The next question is, did we ever identify anyone who had the power to fire her? Because if so, it’s getting time to make a move…

27 thoughts on “No, wait! McBride says she HASN’T quit…

  1. Brad

    At first glance, I misread Silence’s comment.

    But then I reflected that “rot in the streets” would be almost as appropriate. A la “The Walking Dead”…

    If she’s paid off, we should all shuffle about in the streets, making grunting, snuffling noises…

  2. Doug Ross

    “If she’s paid off, we should all shuffle about in the streets, making grunting, snuffling noises…”

    How would that be different than most days in downtown Columbia?

  3. tavis micklash

    “If she’s paid off, we should all shuffle about in the streets, making grunting, snuffling noises…”

    I’d advise not. All the “preppers” are ready for the zombie apocalypse thing tonight. They didn’t stock the AR-15s for nothing.

  4. Lynn

    I don’t know, maybe a deal is the way to go. Doesn’t USC pay male coaches not to coach. Wouldn’t it be cheaper financially and psychologically to just pay her to go away and not threaten my vote integrity?

  5. Doug Ross


    The number I saw was $200K plus $50K a year til retirement. For what?

    She should be happy if the worst thing that happens to her is she gets demoted back to her $60K job.

  6. Silence

    Kathryn, I don’t think it’s important that the Honorable Mr. Rutherford is an esteemed member of the bar association, per se, but I think Juan is trying to establish a pattern.

    For what it’s worth I don’t think that he’s a very good attorney.

  7. Juan Caruso

    “What possible importance is it that Todd Rutherford is a lawyer?” – Kathryn Fenner

    There presently exists an awesome concentration of allegedly separate but actually conflicting governmental duties within one profession. Another lawyer makes matters potentially worse. Remember, most lobbyists on K street are lawyers, as are most US Senators, directors in various regulatory agencies, arbiters of the law, its interpretations, and leaders of both the Republi(ch)an Democrat(ich) parties.

    Former Biden staffer Jeff Connaughton, a lawyer and now also a K-streeter, describes and lends credibility to the Lawyer-Political Complex
    in credible, first-handrecent terms in his book, “The Payoff”.

    Hope this helps to answers your question for all who require the suspension of unmerited disbelief.

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