Lee Bright: Trying to secede every which way he can

What with the holidays and all, I didn’t get around to snorting in derision at the latest secessionist (or at least nullificationist) nonsense from state Sen. Lee Bright:


Lee Bright

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A proposed piece of legislation intends to exempt pistols and rifles made in South Carolina from federal regulation as long as they stay in-state.

The Firearms Freedom Act, pre-filed earlier this month by state Sen. Lee Bright, would mean that firearms, ammunition and gun accessories made in South Carolina aren’t subject to federal rules and oversight. Weapons made in South Carolina, the bill notes, must be stamped with the words “Made in South Carolina.”

Bright, R-Roebuck, says his bill would allow South Carolina manufacturers to skirt federal regulations because the materials would not cross state lines. He introduced a similar proposal last session, but that measure died in committee…

Y’all remember Lee Bright. He previously wanted South Carolina to coin its own money. Before that, he was the sponsor of a Senate resolution demanding that Washington stop stepping on our unspecified “rights” down here in SC.

You know how atheists these days — well, some of them, anyway — have taken to calling themselves “Brights,” seeking a more upbeat image? Well, if the senator from Spartanburg becomes any more of a household name nationally, they might want to reconsider that move…

13 thoughts on “Lee Bright: Trying to secede every which way he can

      1. Michael Rodgers

        Yes, there is no way that SC State Sen. Robert Ford (D-Charleston) would continually win election as the one and only state senator from Charleston County.

        U.S. Rep. Clyburn’s district is a similar but different story. If we had open (i.e. none) districts and could elect 7 people at large throughout the state, I could easily see Rep. Clyburn continually winning his seat. We’d probably have 2 (or perhaps 3) Democrats and 5 (or perhaps 4) Republicans instead of 1 Democrat and 6 Republicans in our SC delegation to the US House.

        Anyway, there is federal interference in the congressional districts, but that’s much less of a problem than when the federal government interferes in our state government districts.

  1. Michael Rodgers

    Again, there’s no way this guy gets continually elected as our one and only Senator from Spartanburg, which means that the only reason he gets to draw his own district of like-minded voters is because of the federal government he apparently abhors.

  2. Karen McLeod

    Can we just let him secede, and claim his own yard as a separate nation? Quick, let’s put up walls and checkpoints there, so we don’t have in illegal immigration!

  3. Bill

    I think this bill is to end the Federally Mandated “Killing Zones” or “Gun Free Zones” in our schools.

    The Supreme Court ruled that these “Killing Zones” were unconstitutional. “Gun Free Zones” have been proven over and over to increase murder by guns, not decrease crime.

    But low and behold Janet Reno defied the Supreme Court on this ruling that ended these “Killing Zones” by claiming these guns crossed state lines so they fall under the “Commerce Clause”. So Janet Reno recreated the unconstitutional “Killing Zones” for our children, while her counterparts sold thousands of assault weapons and grenades to Mexican Terrorists and Mexican Drug Dealers in the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

    So the sick puppy Janet Reno sells guns to terrorists, and tells the terrorists she will outlaw guns in schools to create “Killing Zones”.

    The really sad part is that father of the Batman Shooter, and the father of the Sandy Hook shooter, were both set to testify before a Senate Committee on LIBOR. So these two acts of terrorism were a clear message from terrorists to both fathers, and to every American Parent, that “WE CAN KILL YOUR CHILDREN ANY TIME WE WANT.”

    So when you realize that Lee Bright’s bill would end these “Killing Zones” for our children, it makes a whole lot more sense that we pass this bill ASAP.

  4. susanincola

    So the fathers of the shooters sent their sons to kill people so they could get out of a Senate Committee hearing? Or is it that the terrorists used mind control to get the sons to kill the children so that they wouldn’t testify because maybe then they’d kill their kids, who’d already killed themselves?

    It would be easier if these internet conspiracy theories were just a little bit less convoluted….

  5. Mark Stewart

    It is a fine line between freedom of speech and the desirability of paternalistic (or maternalistic) mental health care.


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