Mia keeps up a steady fire on election fiasco

We discussed this briefly on a previous post, but I thought I’d call attention to it more directly. Read this blog post from Mia McLeod:

Dumb and Dumber…

That’s obviously what they think you are.  Otherwise, the Old Guard (a.k.a. “OG”) wouldn’t be brazen enough to “demote” and “promote” incompetence in the same breath. And all on your dime, too.Mia leopard jacket

Let’s see…a newly created $75,000 taxpayer-funded position with a new title, less responsibility, same oversight (aren’t absentee ballots part of what got us here in the first place?) and absolutely no regard for your rights — particularly when it comes to restoring your confidence in our electoral process.

Even Attorney Hamm’s Investigative Report is of no consequence because it only confirms what we already knew. The election day disaster was directly caused by the Director’s actions, inactions and failure to lead. Those are the facts. But let’s not allow a few facts to get in the way, right?

Here’s the deal…the OG and our Governor have something in common.  They’ll stop at nothing and spare no expense to get what they want. One of my previous e-blasts was entitled, “BAMN” or “by any means necessary.”  It applied to our Governor’s actions then, and it certainly applies to the OG’s actions now.

And just in case you, like many others, mistakenly assumed that either of the former Director’s resignations might actually offer some semblance of accountability, albeit late…think again.

This sweet backroom deal has been in the works for weeks, but the OG needed a little more time to execute it. That’s why Rep. Rutherford messed up the original plan when he “outed” the first resignation before the OG was ready.  After all, it takes time to appoint an interim OG director for the primary purpose of rehiring the former OG director. I know…it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it. And neither the delegation nor the Elections Board has the legal authority.

Now that an interim director has been named and handsomely paid to rehire the former Director, the deal is almost complete. But to ensure that those of us who disagree are unable to dismantle their “master plan,” a few more things still need to happen:

  1. The OG has to replace the vacated and/or expiring Elections Board seats with more OG members.
  2. The OG has to also make sure one of their own remains in the position of Elections Director (on an interim or permanent basis).
  3. The OG has to hold on to the position of Delegation Chair, so that the elections board appointments, as well as the director and (newly created) deputy director positions remain in tact.

So here’s where you come in.  Since you’ve already been thrown into “the game,” it might be helpful for you to at least become familiar with the rules:

  • Rule #1 – The OG can make and change the rules at any time, for any reason.
  • Rule #2 – Actually, there’s no need for Rule #2 because you’ll rarely make it past Rule #1.

Obviously, you’ve elected us to represent your interests and your tax dollars are footing the bill for these expensive and unnecessary games we keep playing, but let’s not get too bogged down in those pesky little details, right?

The reality is…the OG cares much more about winning “the game” than they do about your rights, your representation or whether your confidence in the integrity of the process is restored. And why shouldn’t they? Earning your trust and respect really isn’t necessary, since you give it so freely anyway.

After all, “the game” protects their power. They’re the players who make the rules. Andyou…well, you’re the enablers who preserve their positions. Thanks to your unwavering support, they’ve been able to preserve and protect their own interests for all these years.  Now that’s teamwork at its best. You pay.They play.

Oops…almost forgot.  There’s one more rule, and it’s a doozie:

  • Rule # 3 – Voters…I mean enablers, get to change the players and the game every 2-4 years.

So in 2014, you can either cast a game-changing vote or leave Richland County’s future in the hands of the OG.

It’ll soon be game-day again.  Next time, make it count…

Tavis said Mia was starting to lose him on this. Even though, had I been advising her, I might have recommended that she dial the tone down a bit, I’m not where Tavis is. I’m still prepared to give her credit for having the guts to take a stronger stand, by far, than anyone else in the Richland delegation. Maybe it’s because Mia and I are from Bennettsville. My uncle was visiting from there yesterday, and when Mia’s name came up, all he had to say was “You go, girl.” Nothing like B’ville pride.

Sure, the folks she categorizes as the OG probably think she’s just a grandstander trying to get political mileage out of all the folks out there saying “You go, girl.” But when she’s right and they’re wrong, I’m inclined to say she deserves whatever political boost she can get. There’s a point when you go, wait a minute — and my first stirrings of doubt about Nikki Haley came when she was doing her Joan of Arc routine in the House over roll-call voting. But Mia’s not there yet. Not with me, anyway.

Of course, her Twitter handle is “MiaforSC.” As opposed to “miafordistrict79” or something. Which would seem to speak of greater ambition.

Speaking of which, she has become perhaps the one Democrat in the Legislature most worth following, joining such GOP stalwarts as Harvey Peeler and Nathan Ballentine, and inheriting the mantle abandoned by Boyd Brown.

7 thoughts on “Mia keeps up a steady fire on election fiasco

  1. Mark Stewart

    Since Mia has gone all in, I hope she understands the stakes. Look what the antagonists were prepared to face in hanging onto Ms McBride; if she doesn’t want to be steam-rolled Mia needs to up here game as much as her antagonists were willing to double down on theirs.

  2. tavis micklash

    I like Mia. I think she is a good Representative.

    I think there is a lot of old guard thinking that needs to go. When she was pushing for McBrides ousting I found her tone appropriate. She was calling out a problem and people that needed to be called out.

    Now it just seems angry and non productive. Its more me against the world. It does sound different from Haley since she isn’t playing the girl card all the time. She can take care of herself.

    “Speaking of which, she has become perhaps the one Democrat in the Legislature most worth following, ”

    She is gold for a blogger. The story writes itself.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Well, putting my cynic’s hat on, her blog post reads like she’s running against Darrell Jackson in the next election. But I don’t even know whether she lives in his district. (Her home address isn’t listed on the Legislature’s website.)

    Not that there would be anything wrong with that, except from Sen. Jackson’s point of view…

    1. Silence

      I certainly hope someone runs against Darryl at this point. From now on I’m going to refer to him as Larry, Darryl and my other brother Darryl.

  4. Ralph Hightower

    I think that OG (“Old Guard) refers to Darrel Jackson and that other other Democrat that was defending her keeping her duties as leader of this massive Richland County Election F’up. Other Democrates like Mia and Smith were calling for her head, er, firing. However, I cannot imagine the others in the Richland County Delegation supporting this decision to create a new position and give McBride a lesser position and a pay raise to her prior position.

    I say “All the power to Mia and the NG (New Guard)”. This type of cronyism must end. But it won’t end until the General Assembly moves elections to control of the state and special purpose districts are moved from the local General Assembly delegation to the counties.

    We moved from Richland County to Lexington County in 1987; Richland County was a joke then. It remains a joke now.

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