‘Rick Caffeinated’ dies suddenly

This is incredibly sad, and shocking news. My first reaction to it was a sort of update of the cliche, Why, I just saw him yesterday… What I thought was, I was just reading one of his Tweets yesterday

Rick Stilwell of Cayce — “Husband, dad, Christian, reader, writer, coffee drinker, social media hack, Gamecock fan in Columbia & Cayce, SC” — the 44-year-old alter ego of @RickCaffeinated, which I have previously listed as one of my very favorite Twitter feeds, died suddenly this morning:


Midlands social media guru Rick Stilwell, who was known on nearly every social media website by his handle “RickCaffeinated” died of natural causes just before a car accident Friday morning, according to the Richland County Coroner’s Office. d1ee363b758ea4823aeac611036fe0ed

According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the collision happened around 8:15 a.m. on Farrow Road near Flint Lake Drive, which is just northeast of Interstate 77.

Troopers say Stilwell, 44, who was driving northbound in a 2003 Mini Cooper, crossed the median and continued the wrong way in the southbound lanes. Stilwell eventually collided with a minivan and struck an embankment.

Coroner Gary Watts says Stilwell died as a result of a medical event that occurred just before the crash…

He was, of course, much more than RickCaffeinated. He was a husband and father, a young man, a neighbor to us all. This is just hard to take all around.

His last Tweet, 45 minutes before he died, invited us to listen to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Which is never going to sound quite the same again…

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