SC had two of the 10 most-mentioned senators

There was an interesting tidbit in the Smart Politics piece that I mentioned in my last post:

For although DeMint was simply 1 of 100 in the senate, he was also an unofficial voice of the Tea Party, one of the most vocal critics of Barack Obama, and among the Top 10 most mentioned senators in broadcast media reports.

That made me think, Yeah, but I’ll bet Lindsay Graham is mentioned even more.

Sure enough, when I followed that link, Graham was at No. 6, and DeMint was ninth. (John McCain came in first, followed by Marco Rubio. Only two Democrats, Harry Reid and John Kerry, made the Top Ten.)

These two young fellas have made quite a mark, even though they are newcomers by our accustomed Thurmond/Hollings standard.

Tim Scott will have a lot to live up to.

3 thoughts on “SC had two of the 10 most-mentioned senators

  1. Juan Caruso

    “Had” is correct. Ted Cruz would have taken the undeserved luster and tarnish from them both. Let’s see of lawyer Cruz ever consents to be in one of Lindsey’s infamous gangs of senate lawyers.

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