Graham’s threat to put a hold on nominations

Before I wrap up for the day, I need to mention one of the first things I read this morning, at the very top of The Wall Street Journal‘s “What’s News” column:

Sen. Graham plans a “hold” on CIA, Pentagon nominees. The South Carolina Republican said he would make use of the procedural practice until the White House gives more information about the attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya. Democrats criticized the call to block Brennan from the spy agency post and Hagel from Defense, calling it “unprecedented and unwarranted.” A McCain aide said the Arizona senator backs the move. Both lawmakers said they don’t support a filibuster.

What’s missing from the story that links to, and from other stories I’ve seen, is an elaboration on exactly what information Graham still wants from the administration regarding Benghazi. This has been going on so long that I lose track, and a bill of particulars would be helpful. I’ve emailed his office seeking that, and will pass on what I get back.

Meanwhile, a vote on Hagel has been scheduled for Tuesday in the Armed Services Committee. John McCain, for one, has said he will not participate in a walkout during the committee meeting, as he wants the nomination to proceed to the floor: “I will not participate in any walkout of tomorrow’s committee vote—an action that would be disrespectful to Chairman Levin and at odds with the best traditions of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

Talk among GOP member of the committee about such a walkout have fizzled, says the WSJ.

2 thoughts on “Graham’s threat to put a hold on nominations

  1. die deutsche Flußgabelung

    Sounds like Lindsay is lurching to the right to prevent a primary challenge next year.

    1. die deutsche Flußgabelung

      Old man McCain says he is against a filibuster but supports a hold? How is a “hold” different from a filibuster? Both are parliamentary tricks used by the minority to prevent the Senate from actually doing its business.

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