Kim Jong Un is like Dr. Evil, only without the gravitas

That’s about all I wanted to say. I guess I should have kept it to a Tweet.

It just seems to me increasingly hard to believe that an entire nation is held in subjugation by this baby-faced ranter. Yeah, I’d probably understand it better if I lived there, but from here, it’s just hard to imagine.

By comparison, Dr. Evil you could take seriously. At least, he looked like an adult, someone who had actually spent six years in evil medical school studying for the job.

Saddam Hussein looked like a bad guy you could take seriously. Osama bin Laden looked like the sort of mad desert mystic who might inspire suicide bombers, a sort of real-life Lisan al-Gaib. Back in the day, we had Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin. Proper baddies from the get-go, as you could tell at a glance. OK, so maybe Mussolini had a streak of the comic opera in him, but you had to respect the chin on the guy.

But Kim Jong Un? I suspect that he made his generals wear the ridiculous, too-big-for-their-heads hats in this posed picture just to keep people from noticing how utterly nonthreatening their leader looked.

Of course, the man has nukes. I remind myself of that. It also occurs to me that his looking so nonthreatening may have given him a complex, one that could make him more dangerous than he otherwise might me.

I hope not. That’s all I can say.

11 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un is like Dr. Evil, only without the gravitas

  1. Karen McLeod

    Sooner or later some form of outside reality is going to get through to the North Korean people; then it will be over for that regime, I hope!

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Or as they called him on Wait Wait yesterday, Li’l Kim.

    Scary dude, if only because his finger can be on a very dangerous button!

  3. Karen McLeod

    Narcissistic megalomaniac, I suspect. Dangerous precisely because his only point of reference is himself.

  4. bud

    After some deep, heartfelt reflection I’ve come to the realization that George W. Bush is likely to go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in America history. It is really unfair to judge his presidency just a few years after he left office. For one thing his efforts to spread democracy throughout the middle-east and other parts of the world can only bear fruit over the long run. We are likely to see those efforts succeed within the next few years as Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya all aquiesce to the inevitiable pressures of democracy and freedom that Bush engendered through his “freedom is on the march” doctrine. Many had been highly critical of that plan but I am now convinced that his work, along with his steady right-hand man Dick Cheney were the only way to deliver a solid, democratic free enterprise future to this troubled region.

    On the domestic front we’re seeing a resergence of oil and gas production thanks to his efforts to provide federal capital to the big energy companies through tax breaks and incentives that will further our goal to become energy independent. What have been termed by many as “tax giveaways” and “cronyism” by the naysayers on the left are really just insentives to ensure these big companies afford quality of life products through what has often been derided as “trickle down” policies.

    These efforts to help the poor through generous tax breaks to the super rich are, of course, not limited to big energy companies but are rather spread through the top levels of corporate America. It is only through the generous tax breaks to the well-deserving billionares that productivity could have been achieved at the level we’ve seen in the last couple of decades. And while this productivity has not yet benefited those in the lower income brackets it is crystal clear that within the next 20, 30 years tops the earnings of the average family will go from the $59 increase achieved between 1976 and 2012 to something unprecidented, perhaps $100 or even $200/year! But that can only be achieved if we cut tax rates for billionares even further. Heck, lets not tax the rich at all. Then we might see even greater improvements for the working class. Isn’t that what George would do?

    And let us not forget the benefits of the conservative healthcare system championed by Bush that allows folks to remain unburdened by cumbersome health insurance plans that might trap people into seeing their doctor for needless tests like colonoscopies that can, at best, only find 2/3 of all cancer-causing tumors. Instead we can be thankful that the emergency rooms of America will continue to do their part in providing care to those who are without needless health insurance.

    But where the true genius of George W. Bush is most evident is in the area of the environment. With his contunied obstruction of needless climate change policies we are likely to see the cultivation of grapefruits and other subtropical crops in many northern states that had previously been unable to grow these delectible, vitamin C laden delights. Plus, we will now be able to explore for gas and oil year round in places of the northern Alaska shores and maybe even in Antarctica before too long.

    George, I can only tip my hat at your genius on this April first. You will certainly go down as the greatest president in America history. If only more folks could see that.

    1. Bart

      And to add to the exemplary commentary offered by you on the brilliance of George W. Bush, bud, you are a credit to everything true GWB supporters hold near and dear. Please, regale us with more of your insightful and thoughtful comments so we can revel in your genuine appreciation of the meaning of bipartisan politics. And as an added pleasure for me, I have purchased my own stop sign and enough concrete to build a large wall and both will be erected close to the septic tank in my backyard and dedicated to your willingness to listen to and take both sides of an issue and treat each with the same degree of civility and consideration, not deferring to one or the other until exhausting all efforts to arrive at a truly centric conclusion. All the while, avoiding calling one side or the other liars, cheats, bastards, SOBs, deceitful, and other slanderous labels radicals often employ when they have nothing kind to say about the other side.

    2. Steven Davis II

      bud, what do you do for a living? Just curious, because you’re against anyone succeeding and all for people getting things for nothing. Social worker???


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