MedicAID, Larry, not MedicARE. There’s a difference…

Note: After this post was published, the Grooms campaign sent out two corrections. The first did not  correct the “Medicare” mistake. The second, at 4:52 p.m., did. The original release moved at 4:18 p.m.

Just got this, about 14 minutes ago, from Larry Grooms’ campaign for the GOP nomination in the 1st Congressional District:


Charleston, SC – Republican State Senator and Candidate for Congress Larry Grooms issued the following statement today about State Senator Vincent Sheheen’s desire to expand Medicare in South Carolina:

State Senator and Candidate for Congress Larry Grooms issued the following statement:

“There is no question the federal governments desire to expand Medicare is a horrible idea for South Carolina and this nation.  I stand firm with Governor Nikki Haley on this issue and will continue to fight against this massive federal government overreach.

I was deeply concerned to see Senator Sheheen’s comments today about his desire to expand Medicare – but I wasn’t surprised.  What he and President Obama can’t seem to grasp is that we are on a path to bankrupting this state and nation. In fact, if Sen. Sheheen and Barack Obama have their way, in three years South Carolinians will owe almost 2 Billion dollars to the federal government.   This is a deplorable and quite frankly, immoral thing to do to the people of this state.

I, for one, will stand firm with Gov. Haley and will continue to push my colleagues in the South Carolina Senate to do the same. If elected to Congress, you better believe I’ll take the fight for fiscal sanity to Washington so that Governors like Nikki Haley will never be faced with such a ridiculously harmful proposition.”


I added the boldface on the “Medicares.”

Um, Larry — I just checked. Sheheen hasn’t said anything about expanding Medicare. Perhaps you’re thinking of Medicaid. I’m not aware that the governor has taken any particular stand on Medicare lately, either. But she is standing against expanding Medicaid…

To help you out, Larry, here’s a story from Adam Beam about what Sheheen did say today, headlined “Sheheen endorses expanding Medicaid.”

10 thoughts on “MedicAID, Larry, not MedicARE. There’s a difference…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    About an hour ago, Lindsey Graham put out a release saying:

    Medicaid expansion would be disastrous for South Carolina. It is terrible public policy that we can’t afford and won’t make our people healthier. We should all be thankful for Gov. Haley’s courageous stand against Obamacare.

    Of course, he couldn’t be more wrong on the issue. And saying “disastrous” is just plain bizarre. But at least he’s talking about the right program…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    The Grooms campaign just sent out the release again, with CORRECTION emblazoned across the top.

    But it still says “Medicare,” on every reference…

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    My favorite part of the release is when Larry says he “wasn’t surprised” at Vincent’s “desire to expand Medicare.”

    Well, it certainly came to ME as a big surprise. To Sheheen, too, no doubt…

  4. Brad Warthen Post author

    OK, another correction just came out, changing all references to Medicare to Medicaid.

    Time of first release: 4:18
    Time of correction that didn’t correct: 4:48
    Time of actual correction: 4:52

  5. Brad Warthen Post author

    They just sent the corrected version out again, at 4:59, with an ICYMI.

    So that makes the score tied — 2 wrong, 2 right.

    I just hope to goodness that Larry Grooms can make Vincent Sheheen keep his government hands off my… whatever….

  6. Steven Davis II

    As if your tenure at The State didn’t have a correction under your leadership.

  7. bud

    How did Lindsay vote on the Brennan confirmation? His pro-drone policy is what is really disasterous.

  8. Bart

    This ends up being a double-edged sword and the only ones who will be cut with both edges will be the taxpayers and the ones who truly deserve the benefits of the Medicaid program.

    The federal government paying the full cost of the program for three years and afterwards, paying 90% may seem to be a good idea but when cash strapped states have to account for an additional billion or two over a 10 year period, one does need to ask the question, where will the money come from? Only answer available – taxpayers at all levels, not just the ones making $400K and up. An additional tax revenue of $100 to $200 million a year on the surface may seem innocuous to some, think about the overall impact on tax revenues that must be collected by the state.

    Even if the efforts to tax the wealthy to the max are successful, the revenue simply won’t be enough to cover all of the added costs for expanding Medicaid. As it stands, the long line of programs that will be dependent on the anticipated revenues from the wealthy will have to be trimmed to meet the reality of the situation.

    Not being able to resolve the problem is the most telling sign of a total failure of leadership from both sides of the aisle, from the president to the freshmen representatives in Washington and from the governors to the freshmen members of state governments, especially South Carolina.

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