Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just a quick run through the news at this hour:

  1. Eurozone in fresh crisis as Cyprus rejects bailout deal (The Guardian) — Crisis is becoming business as usual in the EU.
  2. US assault weapons ban plan dropped (BBC) — Reid says it only could garner about 40 votes in the Senate.
  3. Voting goes smoothly in 1st District primaries (Post & Courier) — So far, anyway. Want to know what will happen? In the general, it will be Sanford vs. Colbert’s sister.
  4. Rand Paul Implies Support for Path to Citizenship (NYT) — I wonder if this is going to make Doug disappointed in the whole Paul family…
  5. Syrians trade chemical attack claims (BBC) — Hmmm… Maybe that is where Saddams WMD went. Meanwhile, al Qaeda in Iraq (apparently) commemorates the Iraq invasion with a series of car bombings in Baghdad.
  6. Papacy begins with plea for poor (BBC) — Which seems a good way to start. I like this Pope so far, if only because he, too, loves public transportation.

14 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, March 19, 2013

  1. Doug Ross

    Actually Paul didn’t offer a path to citizenship. He never used the word. He said illegal immigrants go to the back of the line without going home. And it doesn’t begin until the Inspector General certifies the border is secure. He also said “Unfortunately, the education establishment seems to casually discard Latinos, blacks, and others into crummy schools with no hope. I argue that the struggle for a good education is the civil rights issue of our day.”, And you can bet that Paul doesn’t believe fixing crummy schools involves spending more money on them,

    1. Silence

      Brad: “We now go to Stefon Davis II, Brad’s Blog’s weekend correspondent for a report on things to do in the Vista.”
      Stefon: “Downtown Columbia’s hottest club is ‘Waste’. Impresario and club owner Steven Benjamin has built a fantasy world that answers the question, ‘WTF?’ This place has everything: preservationists on stilts, yellow dog democrats, your tax dollars, a black albino midget with vitiligo sharing a dirigible ride with a rabid kangaroo, and even a tiny silverback Gorilla wearing a tinted monocle. Don’t look for abouncer, there isn’t one. Instead, the door is guarded by alligators on pogo sticks. Spinning records inside is none other than DJ Mumpsimus…he’s an amputee orthodox rabbi wearing a pink garrison cap who changes records with his toes. It’s that thing where council has too much money to spend, so they hire a fat, aging Val Kilmer to reprise his role as Nick Rivers”

      1. Steven Davis II

        I wouldn’t talk like that. Short and sweet… “Mayor T-Bone’s new nightclub is a freakshow, that like other Vista nightclubs will soon be overtaken by the “urban” scene and Chief Shorty will continue to ignore any talk of a gang problem within his city. Back to you Brad.”

  2. Mark Stewart


    What kind of delusion is that? The city is going to pay way too much for the property with “the hope of quickly flipping it to a developer”? The present owner’s have been trying to sell the property for 25 years. They couldn’t.

    Something says to me this is hubris – or worse.

    Look, I like the building in a way. But it is a loser. This sounds like blind, feel good idealism run amuk. I hope I am wrong…

    1. Doug Ross

      It’s spending other people’s money on something very few people care about. It sends a clear message about what the priorities are. Buildings, not people.

      1. Doug Ross

        And it gives people like me an obvious example when we hear “Oh, we just don’t have enough money to do X, we need to raise taxes”. This building is more important than anything else on the list of things Columbia’s residents need right now?

  3. bud

    I thought this was pretty big local news:

    Also, no mention of the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion? Maybe Brad doesn’t want to stir this up again. And who can blame him. But we should remember this in hopes of avoiding a similar disaster in the future.

    As for the Pope, he seems like a re-tread of the previous Popes on all the social issues which is especially troubling when it comes to birth control. But at least he has a good track record dealing with the poor.

  4. Juan Caruso

    The Eurozone’s curreent status may now be a bit more than “business as usual. According to Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Nigel Farage:

    “Do Not Invest In The Euro-Zone you have to be mad to do so – as it is now run by people who do not respect democracy, the rule of law, or the basic principles upon which Western civilization is based.”

    “They are propping up a Eurozone that, in the end, will collapse in disastrous failure and they are prepared to do anything to do so.” Hmmm!


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