Another anti-Sanford ad from “South Forward”

Actually, I don’t think I shared their previous ad with you. Here it is. It was also pretty hard-hitting, reminding us of things that GOP voters in the 1st District seem to have forgotten.

South Forward is a PAC dedicated to electing Democrats in the South…

7 thoughts on “Another anti-Sanford ad from “South Forward”

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Here’s the release that went with the ad:

    COLUMBIA, SC, April 11 – South Forward released its second web spot today opposing Republican Mark Sanford in the South Carolina special Congressional election. The spot is called “Remember” and features clips from both Republican and Democratic state lawmakers during the 2009 proceedings in which Sanford was censured by the state legislature.

    The spot opens with the tag “What Republicans and Democrats Agree About.” Among the quotes by lawmakers is Republican Greg Delleny saying “he [Sanford] has lost all moral authority . . . all trust . . . all respect,” and Democrat James Smith saying “the sooner he is gone, the better. . . . I don’t want to spend the months ahead having him do any more damage to the state.” The spot ends by asking “Will we remember?”

    The spot also contains links to three documents: the text of the censure (SC House bill 4219), the full 37-count complaint by the State Ethics Commission for “Use of Public Office for Personal Financial Gain,” and the September 2009 letter from the Republican Caucus requesting Sanford’s resignation.

    The spot ad can be viewed at:

    South Forward was formed in January of this year, and is an independent expenditure PAC whose mission is to revitalize and grow the Democratic South.

    South Forward

  2. Steven Davis II

    So just as a heads up, can we expect to see on this blog every anti-Sanford comment/advertisement/mailer put out from now until November?

  3. Ralph Hightower

    If Charleston and the others in the vacted Tim Scott district elect Sanford again to Washington, then Cory Hutchins of the Free Times will have another addendum to their series “Our Dumb State”.


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