DCCC’s Appalachian Trail advert

The national Republican Party has washed its hands of Mark Sanford — but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is firmly in the corner of his opponent, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch,

As evidenced by the ad above.

Meanwhile, some Republicans seem to be worrying about their association with Sanford even if he wins. The concern seems to be that he would further damage their reputation with women, either way.

In that vein I share the below interview with Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

7 thoughts on “DCCC’s Appalachian Trail advert

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Is momentum really a thing? Don’t people vote based on their perception of the candidate, and not trends?

  2. bud

    Nate Silver doesn’t put too much stock in “momentum” when it comes to presidential elections. Not sure if that would also apply to congressional races. Right now I’d say Mark Sanford is only a very slight favorite. Given that early on this seemed like a GOP lock I’d say the Republicans really need to take a hard look at how they nominate their candidates.

    1. Silence

      Yes, instead of letting voters in an open primary pick the candidates, it would be preferable to pick them via smoky back room deals between a secret cabal of wealthy plutocrats. This would ensure that the GOP ends up with “the best” possible candidates. Good idea, bud!

  3. Doug Ross

    Charleston Post & Courier reports that Colbert-Busch had her own issues during her divorce proceedings:

    “Divorce is a commonality the two candidates have. The Sanfords divorced in 2009 after he admitted his affair with Argentine-born Maria Belen Chapur, now his fiancee. Colbert Busch also had a difficult divorce and aftermath. She was granted a divorce from her first husband, Robert W. Legare, in August 1987. Court records show the couple continued to fight in court over unpaid child support, insurance and Legare’s visitation rights. In November 1988, Family Court Judge Mendel Rivers Jr. issued an order saying they had “failed miserably” to resolve their differences in the children’s best interest and ordered them both confined to the Charleston County jail for 24 hours.”


    Also FITSnews reports that Colbert-Busch has been deleting more than 500 old tweets off her Twitter account that show her support for typical left wing causes like gay marriage. Looks like she’s not very different from typical political candidates. Which is worse? The coverup or the opinion?

    1. die deutsche Flußgabelung

      God forbid she support two consenting adults have the right to marry. I don’t think she has kept that a secret since I have read about her supporting marriage equality in multiple sources including Politico .

      Typical FITS making mountains out of molehills.

      Are there any divorces that aren’t miserable and messy? The difference between Colbert-Busch’s and Sanford’s divorce is that she never trespassed in her former husband’s home. Trespassing is a crime, having a messy divorce isn’t last time I checked.

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