Guess where I’ve been today?

M1Sorry not to be posting the last few days. I’ve been traveling, then just stopping by home long enough to pack for the next trip.

These pictures show where I was earlier today, taking an hour or so to play tourist…


7 thoughts on “Guess where I’ve been today?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    You know, I didn’t get any barbecue this trip. Seven of us — seven adult-sized people — were traveling in a rented minivan, and we had places we needed to be, and except for this one brief mid-afternoon jaunt to Graceland and Sun Studio, we didn’t have any unscheduled time on our one full day there.

    So I never made it to Corky’s, even though I passed within a block of it a couple of times.

    But I did get to go to my favorite restaurant, Pete & Sam’s, Friday night, so that was great. Italian place, so no barbecue there.

    We drove all the way there Friday, and all the way back Sunday. I was the driver. My brain is still sort of vibrating from the drive back. But we had a good time.

    1. Doug Ross

      I’ve visited both Corky’s and Pete & Sam’s recently thanks to Brad’s recommendations. Both are very good.


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