Thoughts on the Tsarnaev ‘Rolling Stone’ cover?


Slate brought my attention to this item:

This is the cover of the August issue of Rolling Stone, set to hit newsstands soon. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Internet will likely have a few thoughts on the editorial decision to give the “Free Jahar” crowd something to pin up on their bedroom walls. (As a man who’s had to art an untold number of Tsarnaev-related posts with only a handful of images to choose from, I’ll grant the editors didn’t have a whole lot of options to accompany Janet Reitman’s report on the “life and times of Boston bomber Jahar Tsarnaev.” That said, it’s pretty clear the masthead knew what they were doing when they settled on this one.)

They had to do that, because it’s been awhile since I found anything interesting in Rolling Stone. (The last thing was probably the book, Generation Kill, by one of their writers. It was a good, unblinking look at the experience of a group of Marines in the Iraq invasion in 2003. But I didn’t read that in the magazine.)

This is the first I’d heard of their being a “Free Jahar” movement among young females, which is apparently a sort of squealing, latter-day Apple Scruffs sort of thing. Disturbing. Apparently, some people are still in need of consciousness-raising (do feminists still use that term?)…

16 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Tsarnaev ‘Rolling Stone’ cover?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    plenty of women marry prisoners….it’s a Lifetime-TV/Harlequin novels mindset, that originated in 19th century novels….

  2. Doug Ross

    Not surprisingly, I find Rolling Stone to be an excellent read lately. Matt Taibbi has done incredible work on the banking industry and the economic collapse. And the interviews are always interesting.

    They push the envelope all the time with their covers. I doubt its going to create a groundswell of support for Tsarnaev.

  3. Mark Stewart

    I hope Rolling Stone sent him photos of the lacerated amputated legs, maimed women & children and the post mortem of his brother as compensation for the cover photo shoot.

    Actually, maybe that’s what people ought to send to Rolling Stone.

  4. Silence

    (apolgies to Shel Silverstein)

    Well, we’re big Boston bombers, we killed a bunch of people and we’re hated everywhere we go (That sounds like us)
    We talk about Islam and we get manhunted, by thousands of cops in a row (Right)
    We make bombs that are loud, and we put them in a crowd but the thrill we’ve never known
    Is the thrill that’ll get you when you get your picture on the cover of The Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone, wanna see my picture on the cover
    Wanna buy pyat copies for my mother (Da!)
    Wanna see my douche goateed face, on the cover of The Rolling Stone

    We got a lot of little teenage blue eyed groupies who’ll do anything we say
    We got a genuine Muslim imam, who’s teachin’ us a better way
    We got terrorist friends, all rotting in jail, so we’ll never have to be alone
    And we aren’t getting richer but we got our picture on the cover of The Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone, wanna see my picture on the cover
    Wanna buy pyat copies for my mother (Da!)
    Wanna see my douche goateed face, on the cover of The Rolling Stone!

  5. Dr. Hook

    Rolling Stone!
    Wanna see me after I done bombed!
    Rolling Stone!
    Gonna burn five copies for my Imam!
    Rolling Stone!
    Wanna see my vacant stare
    On the cover of the Rolling Stone!

  6. Silence

    Free Jahar!!!*

    *with purchase of Tsarnaev brother of equal or greater value, plus a large fountain drink. Prices and participation may vary.

  7. bud

    If you lie through your teeth to get a superpower into a war that kills 10s of thousands you’re simply promoting American Exceptionalism and the people build a huge library in your honor. If you bomb a sporting event that kills 3 people you’re a despicable terrorist who will likely rot in prison until executed.

    1. Mark Stewart

      Bud, welcome back.

      But you have no clue. Depraved is a concept I hope you never have to experience.


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