Who’s up for a bradwarthen.com Walk for Life team?


The actual walkers from our 2010 team — Mark, Kathryn and Doug.

Some of y’all will recall that a couple of years back, this blog fielded a team in the Palmetto Health Foundation Walk for Life, and we did rather well.

While only four of us actually walked — Mark Stewart, Kathryn Fenner, Doug Ross and me — we came in 18th in most amount of money raised. That wasn’t a staggering amount, just under $1,000 at last official count (I thought we went over a thousand, but I can’t find record of it now), but it was pretty good considering that we got a late start.

Doug Ross was our playmaker on that one, raising $450 by himself. I hope he’ll be returning for this go-round, and help us set the pace.

The Walk is on Saturday, Oct. 5, this year, so that gives us plenty of time. I have not actually set up the team yet, so hang onto your money until we do. But I have attended a team captain’s meeting the other night, and picked up the paperwork.

I’m posting this to gauge interest out there, but also to create peer pressure on me to follow through. So press away, and don’t let me slack off.

I’m toying with the idea of getting special T-shirts done (of course, everyone who participates will get an official T-shirt from the Foundation, but a lot of teams set themselves apart with special shirts). But then each person would have to pay for them (what, you think this blog is made of money?), and I’d rather see our fund-raising energies go to fighting breast cancer. Anyway, share your thoughts on that.

And stay on me about this.

Walk website

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12 thoughts on “Who’s up for a bradwarthen.com Walk for Life team?

  1. Doug Ross

    I’m in. And I will raise more than last time. If you can’t walk, make a pledge and I will match the first $500.

    My wife’s middle sister died of breast cancer in 2001. And now her older sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy last week. Gene testing is on the calendar for September.

  2. Doug Ross

    As for t-shirts, one with a decent photo of Christina Hendricks on the back might inspire more male walkers to follow your quick pace…

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Which I took off and left for a homeless person on the State House grounds on the walk home (I was wearing a plain top underneath)….

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        I pretty well nagged her into wearing it. I had a bunch of them since so many of y’all had kindly contributed. Most are still in a bag somewhere in my closet, untouched. I suppose I could give them to Goodwill…

  3. Mark Stewart

    Palmetto Health should hold the walk around the Bull Street site. That would be great for everyone to see first hand.

  4. Bryan Caskey

    I’m game to walk. Sounds like fun, and it’s for a good cause. Also, I checked the football schedule, and we’re just playing Kentucky that Saturday, so no big deal. I can lobby a few lawyers into donating money.

  5. Silence

    I’ll donate some money. I can’t commit to walk at this time, but I’ll try to be available. I’m good for a few sheckels to get some of that Doug Ross matching money.

  6. Brad Warthen Post author

    Looks like we have a team shaping up. I guess I need to start honing my quotes for the sportswriters. The usual “It’s a young football team, but we think they have what it takes to move the football down the football field” probably won’t work.

    And oh, yes. I should fill out those forms this weekend.

  7. Judi Gatson

    You can do it!!! Nice to see you at the Captain’s kick-off. This is a great way to use your power for good. Plus, real men wear pink :). See ya at the Walk/Race for Life!

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