Columbia’s homeless issue makes the NYT

Kathryn brought this to our attention on a previous thread, so I thought I’d elevate it to a separate post:

South Carolina City Takes Steps to Evict Homeless From Downtown

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In South Carolina’s capital, officials declare that their tree-lined Main Street, clogged with shops, banks, restaurants and hotels, is evidence that a long-sought economic revival has arrived.

But mere blocks north, a dozen or so of the county’s approximately 1,500 homeless people sit on a short wall near an empty parking lot, waiting for private shelters to open. They sporadically shout curses at passers-by while they smoke cigarettes and endure the summer humidity.

With business owners sounding increasingly worried about the threat they believe the homeless pose to Columbia’s economic surge, the City Council approved a plan this month that will essentially evict them from downtown streets….

Here’s my favorite part:

In Columbia, which has branded itself “the new Southern hot spot,” residents say the city’s time has come….

Go, ADCO! Hey, publicity is publicity.

2 thoughts on “Columbia’s homeless issue makes the NYT

  1. Silence

    Kathryn said that the Times got it wrong, but I’m not sure what if anything they got wrong, perhaps she’d care to provide specifics?


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