Democrat announces for SC schools superintendent

I had told Tyler Jones yesterday that I would attend this announcement over at Hand Middle School yesterday (I like to actually get out to campaign events sometimes, if only to get some new images for my random header, above), but a client meeting came up at the very same time, so here’s the release about the event instead:

Rep. Mike Anthony Announces Bid for Superintendent of Education


Retired teacher, football coach to make bid to lead SC’s public schools


Union, SC – Retired public school teacher and three-time state champion high school football coach Mike Anthony formally announced his intention to run for Superintendent of Education on Thursday.0038636359

Anthony, 63, spent over thirty years as a high school teacher in South Carolina pubic schools before retiring in 2004. He was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2002 where he served on the Education Committee for six years.

“I never thought I’d be announcing a campaign for anything – let alone statewide office,” said Rep. Anthony. “But our schools are in desperate need of new leadership, and who better to lead our schools than a teacher with over thirty years of in-the-classroom experience.”

Coach Anthony announced his candidacy in front of friends and family at Union County Stadium, the same place he coached his alma mater Union High School to three state high school football championships in 1999, 2000, and 2002.


“As a high school football coach, I taught kids about accountability,” said Anthony. “If someone wasn’t working hard enough or doing their job, they got benched and replaced by someone who could do better. The current administration isn’t getting the job done and it’s time to bring in someone new.”


Anthony vowed to take the politics out of the office of Superintendent of Education.


“Educating our children shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” said Anthony. “If I’m elected Superintendent, you won’t be getting a Democrat or Republican. You’ll be getting a lifelong public school teacher who has a passion for seeing kids succeed. ”


Anthony will hold a press conference at Hand Middle School in Columbia before speaking to the Charleston County Democratic Party’ this evening in North Charleston.


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7 thoughts on “Democrat announces for SC schools superintendent

    1. Mark Stewart

      While I think you would make a great selection to lead the College of Charleston, we need to work on you campaign style and approach.

      Of course, same could be said for Jenny Sanford and McConnell…

    1. Doug Ross

      Is there any evidence that public education is worse under Zais?

      The position has less power than the Governor. The only equation that matters in education is
      good teachers + engaged students + parental involvement.

  1. Doug Ross

    Compare the photo above to the one from his website. Looks like your photo is about ten years old.

    His website offers no information other than a donate button.

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